For the Girls (my girls)

My 3 "girls" and our dog Belle
 Had all my girls home this past weekend for my oldest daughter's baby shower (Audrey, on the right above, wearing a wool cowl I crocheted). Hilary came in from Pittsburgh, PA (on the left, daughter #2) and Valery (in the center, the youngest) came from Atlanta, GA. The dog just had to sneak her way into the photo and then refused to smile.

What did mom make for her favorite oldest daughter?

Paper Dolls Collection (Windham Fabrics 2007, I think)
Audrey saw a set of these dolls at an Etsy shop and immediately asked me about them. I recognized the fabric and went sleuthing to find it for less than the asking price of $25 a yard of another Etsy seller (gasp!) I emailed about 100 quilt shops around the USA (found a list at the Windham Fabrics site) and while most (of course) had none remaining, a few did and I also bought a yard of the doll clothes.
3 little stuffed dolls with vintage ribbon from my stash
Let's see the fabric, please!
Paper Dolls fabric (about 20 dolls per yard)
Can't have paper dolls without clothes! Dozens of ensemble items
Here is the book I made. Appliqued 2 dolls on the book cover. Aren't they sweet?

Two sweet little girls on the book cover

Cut out the dolls and fused to card stock; carefully cut out
Pockets to hold the little girls safe:
Don't you love the pockets? And this is the card stock backing

Here are some of the cut out clothes with thin batting fused to the back so they "stick" to the dolls

Two more dolls

I pooped out and will let Audrey cut out these items
Audrey absolutely loved this and I actually enjoyed sewing something other than a quilt. And in the room of about 30 baby shower guests, this was the only gift that was passed around. Audrey told me that a lot of the women said, with a sigh: I want some of those!

You might be able to find some of the fabric, too. Visit the Windham Fabrics fabric gallery to see the Paper Dolls collection. There is a link above the main fabric that you can click to see all the shops that have carried it. I have a list of 9 shops that still have some! Let me know if you want that list.


  1. Hey you know if any sell online, and would ship to Canada? My granddaughter would just love a set of these :)

  2. The set of dolls and clothes is fabulous. I can remember my childhood paper dolls. The fabric ones should last a lot better. It is wonderful to have the family together. I am lucky my two daughters don't live far away, at present anyway.

  3. This was definitely the hit of the party! Such a great gift.

  4. What a gorgeous gift to make. This is gonna be so well loved for years to come. What a priceless gift

  5. What a darling gift that makes! I am sure it was the hit of the shower.

  6. What a special gift Debby... I'm sure it will be handed down through the generations. Congratulations to you and the family... Grand children are wonderful!

  7. Hi Debby, would you please reply to my comment with the list of 9 shops? I would really like to make some for myself. Thank you.

  8. Glad to see your beautiful girls, Debby. I imagine the wonderful time you spent together. The dolls are so cute, no wonder they were the hit of the shower. Glad you showed us the size of the dolls, I did not think they are so big. Lovely fabric for gifts!

  9. Ah, what we do for our kids! But I bet you had as much fun putting this together as she did receiving it. Big smiles for you here :)

  10. I love that "favorite oldest" daughter ! All three are beautiful! That was the neatest idea and how cute ! I'm 5? and I would love it if my Mom gave me some paper dolls. Women may mature on the outside, but there's still a little girl on the inside.

  11. Those are the best paper dolls I have ever seen! What amazing craftsmanship....

  12. What a wonderful shower gift! I just love what you did with the fabric.

  13. I love what you did with the doll fabric, so, so pretty!! I found your blog via my mum's blog Threading My Way! Tash

  14. I love these paper dolls. I managed to get some when it came out. My granddaughter is just getting old enough for me to make them for her.
    It was crazy trying to get it. It was selling for $20.00 a yard on ebay. I think they even did a 2nd printing on it.

  15. That is too cute! I would love your list please. My oldest daughter would love to make these for my 3 granddaughters for Christmas. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Hi Debby
    Could you please tell me where I can get the fabric. It is very beautiful and would be perfect for a little girl. Thank you. Wendy Buchanan


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