Holiday Love and Dove Ornaments (and free patterns)

Quick sewing 8 dove ornaments with Audrey
"Hi, mom. Can you help me? I need 8 dove ornaments for a Christmas exchange next week."

Oh, sure. I'll put my magician hat on and wave my magic wand and voila! - 8 quick ornaments.

Lucky for me I had a Santa sack of various crafts sitting in my hall closet (honest) that I had pulled out last week looking for something. In there is my trusty Dove Ornament pattern. And I even had a sample ornament to remind me of what they look like.

I did the fusing. Audrey did the cutting out. I quick stitched the gold thread on the outside. I was shocked to see I still had some gold cording. We found that 10" lengths worked best.

Here is a single ornament front and back:

Holiday Dove: 4" x 5"
 Use pretty fabric on the back, too.

Holiday Dove, reverse
You can get the FREE PATTERN at my Craftsy store. It's a one page pdf that also includes a simple heart shape. All you need are scraps of pretty fabric, bits of fusible webbing and batting. Everything is sandwiched, fused and then stitched. I use freezer paper as my template material.

Holiday Love and Dove Pattern


  1. Thanks Debby. I just committed to attending a ornament trade function at the local church and I needed an ornament. I wanted quick and easy and oh so cute and this fits the bill perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. Thank you sew very much for sharing a simple and easy yet elegant ornament for this holiday season of giving. Sharing Joy and Jingles...

  3. Oh perfect! That sorts me out too! Thankies

  4. lovely I will have a go at these

  5. Thank you for sharing that sweet ornament. Sometimes it is nice to be able to make something pretty that doesn't take a long time. My kids are known for asking me to make something like that at the last minute.

  6. Thank you, Debbie! that is adorable, and so quick! I appreciate these last minute ideas that I can actually get finished.


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