Windham Wednesdays and Spotlight on Solids

I had the pleasure to create 8 patterns for Windham using the Gee's Bend collection of solids. With permission from the Gee's Bend quilters, we patterned 8 of their improvisational works. I even helped decide which colors Windham would produce in fabric. While those fabrics are no longer available (they had the feel of batiks and the look of hand dyes), Windham does have similar solids.

(My Gee's Bend patterns can be found at my Craftsy site.)

Fractured Jewels using Gee's Bend Solids
I created this little sample for a workshop a few years ago using the Gee's Bend fabrics.

Last Saturday my oldest daughter Audrey asked, "Mom, can I have that quilt for our apartment?"
"Of course," I said. And she took it right off my wall. Yes, she did.

And where did it end up? In the play space of my little 15 month old granddaughter, at her eye level!

Even little people need to see quilts at their eye level, right?
Windham liked my quilt so much that they asked me to create a bigger one using their Colonies line of solids. There is a Flip Book with free projects at the Windham site. I've shared this FREE pattern before, but here it is again. I love this quilt. The solids are perfect in this seemingly improvisational project, but since I had to pattern it, it only LOOKS improvisational.

Fractured Jewels, 54" x 54"
You can have this FREE pattern by going to the Windham site: Fractured Jewels

I was sent a new line called Artisan Cotton which are cross-dyed shot cottons with a wonderful hand. I hope to create something modern looking with them.


  1. Debby, I truly understand why your daughter wanted your quilt and why she put it at eye level for your wee granddaughter. Can you imagine how well she will do with her colours? Shapes play into that as well, too bad they are all square but that's what I like about these quilts. She will have to learn her shapes from a different quilt ever

  2. Such a fun quilt that looks so cute hanging on your daughter's wall. This would make a perfect quilt for one of my Monkey Boys. Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern.

  3. Love your little quilt ,ideas and blog.
    Thanks very much for sharing .

  4. What a great use for this quilt! Love it.

  5. I'm sure you'll create something wonderful. They have some beautiful colors in that line.


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