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This may be a very busy week here in Blogville. These are my plans:

Tuesday: December 1rst reveals the last block in my Galaxy of Stars BOM. Can you guess which one that will be?

And more details on the TWO BOMs for 2016. Remember, one of those is my African Adinkra Quilt:

African Adinkra Quilt

The other is based on my Block a Day calendar:

Wednesday: Windham Wednesdays with some sort of tutorial using a new collection. Don't forget the one I shared last week for the large Lone Star blocks all rotary cut, using the Carmen Collection:

The Carmen Collection by Windham Fabrics
Thursday or Friday: Blog Hop with Benartex Fabrics. You're going to love my little projects!

And, if I haven't worn you out, I'll share the String Pieced Stars Scrap Buster quilt I referenced last week. I hope to include some pictures of string piecing on paper. It is NOT like foundation paper piecing with writing on the paper. This is so easy and I know you'll find it very easy to do. Like I said, it's a SCRAP BUSTER.

String Pieced Stars - Scrap Buster Quilt
I have 3 other Windham Collections to play with and may be involved in a Lotta Jansdotter Blog Hop (sponsored by Windham).

Remember: just because I show it here and offer a pattern, I certainly don't expect you to sew all of it. Save it for one of your 9 lives (like a cat). I heard it said that we really don't have to leave Earth until all of our fabrics and scraps have been used up, right? (ha ha)


  1. You are going to keep me very busy (and happy) next year. Oh, I do love the string stars!

  2. Debby, will there be a 2016 Debby Kratovil Block-s-Day calendar? I love them!

  3. I have now got my calender book so looking forward to the challenge

  4. Lots of things to be on the lookout! Honestly, Christmas present making is taking priority now. But will definitely save patterns! I love having all sort of patterns at my fingertips. Now if I could just figure out how to organize them! Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  5. You will be very busy and glad to follow along.Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cannot wait for the stringed pieced star....and I decided if I have to I will sew the rest of my stash into a patchwork dress so I can take it with me......he,he

  7. Ha! If that's true, I'll be here past 200! LOL Sounds like a great week ahead. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for all you share and the inspiration on color and pattern and everything else that I take away from your blog.


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