More Hexagons, More Fun

For some reason, I'm stuck on hexagons. They are magical to me and I love the seemingly endless ways of putting together blocks with 60 degrees. Here are a few that I'm working on:

I discovered that I could fussy cut [center a motif in a specific shape] the kaleidoscope printed images on the Paula Nadelstern Fabracadabra panels I have. I realized that they work beautifully with 1-3/4" hexagon papers. The companion fabrics create quite a striking "flame" stitch, don't they?

Grandmother's Flower Garden with fussy cut center
 Then I realized that I could make the motifs the center of a 6-pointed star. There are NO set-in seams; all straight seam sewing for this block. Magical, huh?

Six pointed star with fussy cut center motif
I used these panels in a previous post, Here Comes the Sun. The larger motifs are fabulous to play with and though they are technically octagons, I was able to turn them into hexagons.

I made 6 different 6-Pointed Stars and plan to sew them into a ring and add a center cut from the larger motifs. All is ready to go, but I'm on the road again tomorrow until Saturday night and for some reason my husband and dog still don't know how to work my sewing machine! Sigh.

In case you missed it, I also updated my Honeycomb Table Topper. Here are some pics of my recent update using my Kaffe Fassett fabrics:

Honeycomb Table Mats
 And putting all 4 together:

Ring of half-hexagons with fussy cut center (appliqued over the "hole")
You can see the original table topper at my Craftsy store. This was so quick and easy. Both the half and whole hexagons are cut from a multi-sized 60 degree ruler. No set-in seams. I bet you didn't know you could do that! No need to rely on templates - you can cut any size you want with what I call my "Power Tool." A great way to showcase your luscious, large scale prints!


  1. hexies are a lovely way to have relaxing sewing time some lovely ones you have here

  2. Very interesting. Must pass this post on to a friend who loves Kaffe

  3. Both designs are lovely. I'm really amazed, though at the Nadelstern fabrics. That is a WOW flower.


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