Air Show with Windham Wednesdays

I received a fat quarter bundle from Windham Fabrics last week and The Theory of Aviation spoke to me! The colors are so traditional and the images are so vintage! What do you think?

Bomber jackets, compasses, biplanes, and even a lovely map of the world (I'll show that in a few minutes)

Theory of Aviation
I have two patterns for paper piecing vintage airplanes. Have had these for years. I upsized them from 4" to 7" and printed them out. One is called Into the Clouds. It is pieced in two parts.

7" Into the Clouds
And here is what it looks like with all the papers removed and sewing that one last seam:

7" Into the Clouds block
And what happens when you get distracted and think you are sewing the parts together correctly? This is what happened to Up, Up and Away. Had to rip out the seam (yes, you can see I had already attached it into the quilt center. Grrrrr!)

7" Up, Up and Away that is sewn together incorrectly!
And can we see the finished quilt top? Of course. It's 33" x 33" and I used one of my favorite settings. I call it "Air Show." Why? Because if you look at the plane on the bottom it appears to be in a nose dive! That can make us nervous, but in an air show there are planes that do this sort of thing ON PURPOSE! Whew!

Air Show: 33" x 33"
And what about that map of the world fabric? It's just a fat quarter but I've decided to put it on the back so I won't chop it up, but use some of the leftover fabrics to make it the full size needed.

Fat quarter of the map of the world
I may decide to make this a pattern. If I do, I'll keep you posted. Hope you enjoyed seeing these new fabrics that were delivered to quilt shops in May.


  1. Love the process and It's a great design.

  2. this is wonderful. i for one would love a pattern. your fabrics are wonderful

  3. Wonderful fabric and you made a great quilt!

  4. Great use of these fabrics. Love the plane pattern.

  5. Make it a pattern! It's wonderful! Those fabrics are perfect. Sorry, but I laughed when I saw your plane. That is SO something I would do because of distractions! I actually was at an airshow in Tucson, AZ, once, maybe 40 years ago, when a plane did a turn and went straight into the ground, killing the pilot. Talk about a quiet, completely stunned crowd! It was really awful and hard to believe we'd just seen it happen.


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