Monday, September 19, 2016

3-D Folded Hexagon Flowers and FREE pattern

Yes, that's right. I began making these little flowers about 15 years ago when I was working with some origami shapes. I saw how Kumiko Sudo was doing this with circles, but that didn't make sense to me. I needed points of orientation and figured if I started with a hexagon I should end with a hexagon, right?

The first quilt I made using this technique is a bit wild and bright! I made it about 14 years ago. I used green gros grain ribbon, folded hexagons and dogtooth sashings. Pretty crazy, I think.

Bright Dragonflies and Flowers
Here is a picture of the hexagons before and after folding. I cut my hexagons using a 60 degree ruler. You can cut any size this way. I think I've shared this on the blog in the past. The handout/free pattern has a hexagon traceable template for you.

Folded Fabric Hexagons
My most popular trunk show these days with quilt guilds is "Turning 60: The Joys of Hex." It's G-rated, by the way! I pulled this little quilt to take with me on Monday because it hasn't been out of the closet for a long time.

Hexagon Folded Flowers
The flowers are folded hexagons. The leaves are prairie points. The center of the hexagon flowers are yo-yos. Lots of dimension in this little quilt.

I put one of those folded fabric hexagons on a bag I made in 2013 using the Rebecca Collection by Windham. This is a reproduction set of fabrics and I was very taken with that purple!

Simple fabric bag (for my yarn!) with a folded hexagon and a flower button in the center
I also had this as a class sample for my small quilt using two different sized hexagons. More prairie points. What do you think?

Folded Hexagon Flowers
Now, would you like the instructions for making these flowers? It's a 2 page pdf download from my web site. And the yo-yo. Practice on construction paper to get the idea. Then you won't be able to stop, I promise.

Enjoy! Folded Fabric Hexagons


  1. Thank you very munch. I don't know that form ! Have a good day :)

  2. I am addicted to hexies. Cannot wait to try these beauties out, they look fantastic.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern with us, Debbie. I love your dragonflies and flowers! So bright and cheerful.

  4. Hi, Debby,
    I love your projects! Thanks for the folded hexagon instructions. It's always good to know alternate techniques. I learned the folded-hex-from-a-circle technique years ago, As long as I pinch-marked the center and paid special attention to the first couple of folds I had good success. It will be interesting to try hex-from-hex. Regardless of starting from hex or from circle, once cut it's a very portable project, whether TV room or waiting room. Thanks as always. (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com).

  5. Love that little flower quilt....and thank you for the folded hexie flowers...too cute.....

  6. Love Hexagon's!! But could you tell me how big the sides should be on
    your pattern? Not all printers do the same thing when printing out.
    Thanks much,

  7. Those are all cute examples of this process. I really like your first, bright, crazy one!

  8. I love the little flower small quilt. That could be perfect in so many colors. Be sure to save that one. Did you find an answer to my hexie problem on the storybook Christmas table runner?


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