Windham Wednesdays on the Farm

Today I want to share two sweet projects made for my little granddaughter using the Farm Collection by Windham Fabrics. She is not yet 3 years old and still enjoys the simple things (ie, she's not a teenager, ok?)

Remember this main print I shared the other day?

Main print in the Farm Collection
 Here is the set of fat quarters Windham sent to me. Aren't they SO CUTE? That is one SAUCY rooster, don't you think?

Set of fat quarters from the Farm Collection
I struggled. Why? To a quilter, ALL fabric says "quilt!" But I knew that her mom (my daughter) wanted another pillowcase for Eva. She has several quilts already. I selected two fabrics to go with the main print. All I had was fat quarters so I needed to piece the main part of the pillowcase. One for the front and one for the back.

Happy little farm animals, smiling at me as they know they're going to get off my fabric shelf and go live with a little child!

See how happy these animals are to be on their way to a pillowcase!
 Happy rooster, cow and horse - they like the green thread I chose to topstitch the pillowcase hem.
Selecting the right color of green
Folding the green hem to hide the seam. Pinned and ready to topstitch with green thread.
Back side of the pillowcase

Hello? We can see you from the other side!
Zigzagged seems inside

This was made for a special size pillow: 13" x 18" x 4" deep
Finished pillowcase
Next, for a zipper pouch, I needed to shorten the zipper so it would fit the pouch size. A neat trick, don't you think? At first the pig and sassy rooster were worried I might get their "hair" tangled in it. But, see, they're still smiling?
Little Pig and Sassy Rooster are still smiling
I made a zipper pouch for Eva to put her little treasures in. Don't you love it?
Zippered pouch with batting and lining
And let's see the inside!

Zipper pouch on the inside
Where did I get the pattern for this? Certainly not from my head! I did a Google search and came up with a post from Melly Sews. She shares the neat trick for shortening the zipper, too.

I like the challenge of working with fat quarters. It forces me to be creative. Who says the pillowcase has to made from only one fabric? And I think my granddaughter will enjoy flipping the pillow over to see what's on the other side.

Now I'm off to the Dollar Store to find a few farm themed pre-school items to put inside that bag. She gets this on Thanksgiving!


  1. Beautiful bright, happy fabric. Your work is lovely.

  2. Wonderful. I'm sure both she and Mom will love it all.

  3. Adorable! I liked seeing how you made the pillowcase, too. But now ... what to make with all those other farm fabrics? I just know something is stirring around in your brain!


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