More Scrap Busting Tissue Holders!

Got scraps? Matching scraps? Well, this is the perfect way to use up those scraps to make lovely gifts for teachers, friends, stocking stuffers, and just about any occasion to say "I care."

Yes, I shared these before, with a TUTORIAL. Remember?

7 little tissue holders made with Windham "It's a Hoot" Collection
Then I made some with my Kaffe Fassett scraps. And I have a LOT of them. Here they are:

4 little tissue holders using my Kaffe scraps
Now for some quick steps (which were shared in more detail at that previous post using the What a Hoot collection):

Two rectangles. The outside (wavy print) is cut 6" x 7". The inside lining (dots) is cut larger at 6" x 8-1/4".

Start with two rectangles
 Sew the two short sides together as shown. Yes, the rectangles are not the same size. There's a reason for this!

Sew the two rectangles together
 Press with right sides out. The larger lining rectangle folds over and forms a lovely "binding."
Press with right sides out. Notice the lining wraps around to the front for a nice finish.
Time to fold and overlap the two "binding" edges. I finger press the center of the unit for exact placement of those edges. We are sewing from the inside of the tissue holder (the black and purple dot is the inside fabric). Pin in place

Fold and bring edges into the center

Stitch the raw edges with 1/4" seam. Then clip the corners (to reduce bulk). I like to zigzag the raw edges for a clean finish.
Stitch closed; clip corners; zigzag raw edges

Fold right sides out and voila! A lovely tissue holder ready for sniffles weather.

Finished tissue holder
Then I got inspired to make about 19 for my grandson's Holiday shop at his school. The students come with a little bit of money and buy things for their family members. They don't have much money, so the PTA asks parents to donate all sorts of things. I got carried away, I think!

19 tissue holders for first graders to buy for their family members
For more pics of my steps, go back to that post from September. And then gather up your scraps and sew, sew, sew. These are very quick and I make them by chain sewing. Don't forget to grab a pack or two of those tissue packs at the grocery store next time you're there. And keep these on hand for that time you need a little way to "share the love."

When I showed the It's a Hoot tissue holders to my contacts at Windham, they said adults like them, too. (This was a post about Back to School.) So I put 4 in an envelope and sent them up to New Jersey!

Remember to keep one for yourself, too!


  1. These are so cute! I think it's great the kids get to give gifts! So sweet!

  2. Hi Debby,
    WOW, these are great and so easy! I must have missed your earlier post somehow. I am sewing some microwave cozies for my sil - they have a fund raiser for the local animal shelter. I could easily whip up a few of these . . . hmm. Thanks for sharing this with us again! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. Love these! Just in time for the 'sniffle' season, too :) ~Patti


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