Windham Wednesdays with Yesterday's Collections

Twilight is a lovely "mud cloth" type of fabric released by Windham Fabrics last year. Two of my daughters fell in love with it and claimed most of it for pillows (made by mom, of course). I blogged about them last Fall.

Audrey (my oldest) claimed the darker fabrics. I made her a pillow. 

Twilight Fabrics
Then she wanted placemats for her dining room table - and she wanted them by Easter! She decided on a finished size of 13" x 18". Whew! I only had 1/2 yard cuts and knew I could get 3 cuts from each. I would need 16 cuts (front and back times 8). That's all I had of the dark fabrics plus that cream! Here they are.

My husband and I took them to her house for Easter dinner. Here is my place.

One of 8 placemats
 And another of the placemats. She was so excited to use some tan linen napkins and the carved wooden African animal napkin holders that I brought home from Africa 40 years ago.

A second placemat
 Here is the table setting. Yes, that's one of the Gee's Bend quilts on the wall. My daughters took every single one of the quilts I made for myself. None in my home!
Audrey's lovely table set for Easter
Here are all 8 placemats, with the second shot showing both fronts and back (all reversible)

8 Placemats using Twilight
And front and back:
Showing fronts and backs
Now, the second project from "yesterday's collections" is the Far, Far Away quilt I made for Audrey's daughter, Eva. She is 4 years old and loves princesses. Audrey discovered this pattern from a few years ago and said, "Mom. Please make this for Eva." Sigh.

This is not my pattern, but Windham hired me in 2014 to pattern it for the designer (who made this improv style). I had quite a bit of the fabrics remaining, so I jumped in. The background yellow fabrics are from the Gee's Bend collection. The pattern is STILL AVAILABLE and FREE. Even if you don't have these fabrics, it wouldn't be hard to improvise.

Here are the fabrics.
Far, Far Away Fabrics
This was beautifully quilted by my dear friend Connie Gallant. I'll show you some up close quilting in a minute. First, the finished quilt:
Princess and the Pea: 60" x 85"
And some quilting up close:
Crowns, magic wands, stars!
And here's a picture of me with Eva. Obviously, she's thrilled (but I don't share facial images of my grandchildren)

Eva and me with the Princess quilt
 Can you see that lovely lamb embroidery on the wall? I bought that crib sheet for $1 and then quilted it. It's so sweet!
Eva and her quilt
You can have the Princess and the Pea quilt. It's still available at the Windham web site. Even if you can't get the fabrics, you can find something similar fit for a princess!


  1. Beautiful projects!! Have a great day!

  2. Hi Debby,
    Oh boy, I sure love the dark fabrics your daughter claimed! Those placemats are just fabulous and how nice that you got to enjoy them as well. The Princess quilt and the picture with your granddaughter is so sweet. It looks so nice on her bed. I know she can feel all the love you sewed into it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I can see why Audrey claimed the blue and cream bold prints for placemats - they complement her rug so nicely. I love the Princess and the Pea quilt - and Connie Gallant's choice of quilting pattern is perfect!

  4. Thanks for some great ideas in beautiful fabrics. If I ever find a little girl to make the quilt for, I will have the pattern!

  5. Thanks very much for these blocks, and for the suggestions.



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