Michael Miller Monday: Marbelous Marbles

What's up today with Michael Miller's Marble Collection? Let me tell you - a 15" Home Circle Block. It's from my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar from Martingale.

First let's see the "marbelous" Home Circle Blocks. (Thanks to Kathleen K. of New York who used that term last week to describe these fabrics!)

5 Home Circle Blocks (15")

Can we see how you got there? Sure. That's the purpose of this post!

Bundle of Marble fat quarters sent to me from Michael Miller
I was drawn to all the bright colors, so I selected from these:

All the bright colors

Then I started chopping (after I ironed the wrinkles out, of course)

First set of 8 colors. Yummy!
I cut four  squares from five different fabrics (I added another later). I cut five smaller squares from a second set of five fabrics. I started with making four Home Circle blocks, but quickly changed my mind (I'm allowed to do that!) when I saw how boring my assembly would be. More on that later.

Two sizes of squares
I cut some triangles from a plain white. Now it's time to sew!

Sew two triangles to opposing sides of a larger square

 Now for the other two sides:

This is where they will go
And stitched. I trimmed off those annoying bits of triangles that stick out.

Let's see how far I got with my squares. I chose to use two Marble colors for each block.
Home Circle parts

On another block, I made a mistake (yes, I did!) Have to be careful which side you pin and sew, right?
Pinned and stitched to the wrong side

Then when it was sewn together, I had to yawn.

Two colors and white wasn't enough color for me

I auditioned a 3rd color. Yes, that's it!

Auditioned a 3rd color
Time to rip (yes, I did!)

Took out that center square
Now, this is much better! And I made a total of 5 blocks using 10 of the Marble fabrics. I have an assembly in mind, but I will have to wait until later in the week. What do you think of my blocks? Here's where I hope to go.

Five blocks that will need some additional fabric - I have ideas!

Home Circle is part of my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar. There is a quilt pattern included for a larger 9 block quilt using Home Circle. Check it out on my Etsy site. There is a whole quilt made using the Home Circle blocks, along with 11 other quilt patterns AND 366 blocks in TWO sizes!


  1. Your blocks are fabulous, Debby! Gives me an idea for an upcoming retreat project with an "almost" solid FQ bundle in the stash.

  2. Hi Debby! Oh those colors in the fabrics! It must have been so hard to narrow down your selection. Of course you could always use the colors that weren't chosen in more blocks or another project!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love the blocks you made.These fabrics are really gorgeous!


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