A Few More Log Cabins!

My sister Janet lives in California and has been bitten by the quilting bug. She calls me several times a week (usually FaceTime) with all sorts of questions and conundrums. I convinced her to buy a new Bernina sewing machine so she could get her 1/4" seams right and have the experience of sewing with a decent machine!

She loves quilting and spends as much on fabric and patterns monthly as I do in one year! And she loves it. Never seems to get enough.

Here is a log cabin quilt center she just finished. The recipient requested a "white" quilt. Using some soft gray makes this very lovely.

The blocks are 10". There's a LOT of piecing going on here. She was exhausted after that and is convinced she won't make another log cabin in awhile. Me? I keep making them.

Janet's Log Cabin quilt center
I found a postcard I made about 10 years ago and decided it was time to send it off. This time to my little grandkids who live in Maryland. This definitely is an off-center log cabin. I used a small panel as the center.

Off center log cabin postcard using a little panel
As I'm in the midst of a local move (which still entails packing a zillion boxes), I came upon some blue and silver 6" curvy log cabin blocks that I think I began as a Hanukkah project (don't ask me; I don't keep notes). But I packed my Curvy Log Cabin ruler the other day, so I'll have to wait until I get settled and find the box with it.

Blue and Silver log cabin blocks (6")
These blocks are made with the ruler. The strips are cut oversized and then trimmed after each round to a perfect size. No need to worry about a true 1/4" seam. Can I show you one of the other quilts I made using the Curvy Log Cabin ruler? This is a ruler designed by my friend and former Quilt Magazine editor, Jean Ann Wright. I know I shared this last month, but here it is again!

Sunshine Butterflies: 48" x 48"
Sunshine Butterflies was patterned for Creative Grids ruler a few years ago. They no longer offer it; you can only buy it from me.

Here is a single block. That head is a prairie point. I actually designed this pattern about 20 years ago and had a similar quilt published in Quilt Magazine. Nothing new under the sun, right?

Three 6" Curvy Log Cabin blocks and a single 6-1/2" square
The antennae are stitched on using a sewing machine satin stitch.

Here is one done by a quilt shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin:

Quilting Divas Quilt Shop Sunshine Butterflies
The pattern is available in my Craftsy shop, but you MUST have a Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool (at least 6" size) to be able to stitch this. Check out the Sunshine Butterflies pattern!

And yes, I will probably be sharing more Log Cabin blocks and quilts in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


  1. Love that little postcard one. Great idea. Cutting a small panel and doing the log cabin would be great. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Hi Debby! I felt the same way as your sister after a log cabin binge years ago. So many blocks for your sister to experience!! I say branch out on to the next project and try all the blocks!! Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


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