Winner of the Michael Miller Holiday Hop

I have a winner. Her name is Rhona L. from New Jersey.

I don't know what Michael Miller will send for a prize, but you know it will be lovely fabric. Remember, the Festival of Lights fabric is in quilt shops now. Why not see if you can grab some for celebrating next Chanukah!

Festival of Lights
This is short and sweet because, as you know, I moved 2 weeks ago and my husband just had knee replacement surgery Monday. Sometimes I get this feeling like I'd like to run away. I'm just saying . . .

But my sewing room (small bedroom) is up and running and I did do some sewing today. I hope to have another post or two before Christmas. We'll see!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I hope your time sewing gives you some peace and pleasure.

  2. understood, hold tight, it WILL get better!!!!!!!!

  3. Hang in there, it'll all get better! Healing thoughts to your husband!

  4. Hi Debby! Wow, that's a lot on your plate for a really busy season! I hope you find a lot of time to spend in your sewing room! I also wish DH a speedy and pain-free recovery. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy Happy day to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Debby, the Festival of Lights blenders are fabulous! Such exuberant colors! I'll definitely look for them. I totally get your wish to run away. Things will get better eventually. Yesterday 12/12 was my left-knee replacement 2-year "anniversary" and life is SO much better than the couple of years before. Best wishes to you and to your husband for his healing and "return" to a better new normal. Sending hopes for him to stay ahead of the pain (properly used, painkillers are a gift from God), use the ice packs, do the PT, and sleep when possible -- that last one is for BOTH of you!! One of the best days during my recovery was the day I climbed the stairs and walked into my sewing room for the first time in weeks. Those tears were joyful ones! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)


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