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As promised a few weeks ago, I am offering a free pattern which I call Ezekiel's Wheel, using fabrics by Windham Fabrics.
Ezekiel's Wheel Quilt
First, let me show you the two quilts that inspired me to make this third one.
This is my first Ezekiel's Wheel quilt
I drafted and sewed this quilt, hoping to have it featured in my upcoming book #3, Perfect Paper Pieced Points by Martingale Publishers (February 2013). They didn't want it (I offered 22 quilts, and told them I will only let them have 12-14. I remember the pain of publishing a 22 quilt book with Supersize 'Em Quilts!)

I used the same pattern but resized it to a 6" unit for a 12" block. It appears in the Quiltmaker's 100 Best Blocks and they asked if I wanted to make a quilt using the block; I did, they changed their mind. Poor little quilt. She whimpers in the hallway, wanting to be noticed. I told her I would "publish" her here. What do you think?
Flowerburst Garden Quilt, using leftovers from Arianna's Garden
 Now, to Ezekiel's Wheel with Moonstruck Fabrics!
Windham Fabrics web site
You can get the 7 page pdf which includes full-size templates at the bottom of this post. While I was making the quilt (and testing every single cut and patch and template), I took pictures of each step and I include this tutorial to help you see the ease of construction. Don't be afraid of curves. These blocks finish to 9" and the secret is in how you pin the STRAIGHT edges when you sew the convex curve to the concave curve pieces.

Transfer template pattern to freezer paper. Use to cut out 16 background pieces.

Notice how the template is flip-flopped for conservation of fabric
Transfer template pattern for 1/4 circle and cut 8 each of the two fabrics.

Here is the 1/4 circle cut from the green fabric

Flip-flop the template, again, to save fabric (cutting dimensions given in pdf pattern)
I forgot to take pics of cutting the partial donut shapes, but it is clearly illustrated in the pattern. I draw all my own art in Adobe Illustrator and you will find good pics there!
Sew 2 partial donut shapes together, ALWAYS with the green in the same position (left)

Same position of the green partial donut shape, but with the 8 green 1/4 circles

Pin as shown, matching the centers and the sides.
 This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the pinning process. Notice that each straight side of the joined patches uses two pins. When the sides remain unmovable, after the curved seam is sewn, the sides of the unit are straight, straight, straight!

See how STRAIGHT the sides are after that first curved seam is sewn?
 Now attach the large background piece, again matching the centers and keeping the straight, raw edges immovable and straight (did I already say straight?)

Sewing the background piece, keep those sides STRAIGHT using two pins on each side.
Block #1 using the blue/brown/grey 1/4 circle (Make 8)
Block #2 using the green/brown/blue 1/4 circle (Make 8)
And here's the quilt in blue. The pattern also shows the brown colorway.
Ezekiel's Wheel Quilt - 62" x 62"
Free pattern: Ezekiel's Wheel using the Moonstruck Fabrics by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics.

Let me know how you like this. Enjoy!


  1. This is a beautiful quilt. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. What a treat! Robin

  2. Curves are something I haven't tried yet. You make it look easy and doable. I'll be adding this to my list. =)

  3. gracias muchas gracias, me sirvió seguir tu blog . nunca he hecho curvas las haces ver muy faciles.

  4. You always give me a new challenge, now curves. I will have to live another 70 yrs to finish all your patterns I have saved or started. LOL Thx for sharing your knowledge. mtrichka at windstream.net


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