Pittsburgh Expo - a WOW place!

Milky Way commemorative tin 1997
 History alert! One of my students in the Sugarloaf Jewels class this afternoon had this tin as her sewing box. I was so taken with it I logged into eBay (in class - shhh! don't tell my boss) to see if I could find a value or if anyone was selling one. Nope! I am more intrigued with the quilt pattern (is it based on a REAL historic quilt or just a digital composite) rather than wanting to own it. I would appreciate any info on this particular tin box.

OK. Where is Monroeville, PA? Time's up - Pittsburgh suburbs. The Original Sewing and Quilting Expo has a new venue with an awesome convention center to house it. And it is filled with all sorts of locals and those who've traveled a distance to find something "quilty" right here!

What am I teaching? Yesterday: Basic Free Motion Quilting

 And Batik Braids (pattern and template available thru my web site or send an email):
Batik Braids - 35" x 49"
Technicolor Braid - 49" x 55"
This larger, green version appeared in a Easy Quilts/Scrap Quilts 2011. It still sells at the Fons & Porter web site (for which I am not compensated), so I am inluding the pattern in my Batik Braids class FREE and also with every pattern-plus pack (includes acrylic template) I sell. I own the rights to the pattern and it gives me great pleasure to give away something this way than the other way!
Sugarloaf Jewels
Sugarloaf Jewels is one on my Magic Stax patterns. We work with precut squares and then stack, slice, shuffle and sew back together. This is NOT stack-n-whack. It is NOT random. And the 12 block quilt (smaller than this one above) is kitted from Sew Batik, beautiful, glorious fabrics that are eye-candy!
Improvisational Adventure Quilt
With a nod to the Gee's Bend quilters, we learn how to sew without worrying about exact sizes. There are no random, curved cuts and there are actually step by step exercises to guide you through this. It is fun for everyone. This quilt above is actually composed of 9 equal sized blocks. They are disguised with sashing.


  1. Hi,

    You may be able to get information on that tin from the actual candy company. Their address should be on the back of the paper wrapper.

  2. I have that same tin. I use it for all my quilting pencils and markers. I didn't realize it was that old. I'll check and see if I see any info on it. Sorry, but I don't remember where I go it. I don't remember buying it with candy in it! I'll let you know if I figure anything out.

  3. It looks very much like the quilts in Elly S's Baltimore Album books, wonder if it's in one of them?


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