Red & Green Antique Quilts

This is my favorite Christmas quilt, though it was originally made without Christmas in mind. It is based on two antique blocks: Oak Leaf (the one with the four large green leaves in diagonal position) and Rose Wreath (the four stylized applique flowers). I made this quilt at least 15 years ago and planned on hand applique. I threw the first block into the trash can and then pulled out the fusible web, my sewing machine and made the whole quilt by machine and was very happy doing it. I even machine quilted it.

This quilt appeared in the Winter 1997 issue of Quilt Magazine.

The blocks are 14" and the quilt is 51" x 51"

Red and green quilts are historic and traditional and there have been years that this quilt hangs in my home when it's not Christmas. This year she graces my kitchen and I enjoy it all day long!

Single block Rose Wreath quilt
Here is another favorite, though this one has gone to another home to live in. My editor, Jean Ann Wright, gave me an antique, orphan block she had and told me to do something with it. The block itself was 35" square! I added the same triple sash and 9 Patch cornerstone treatment you see in the Oak Leaf and Rose Wreath quilt. The block was over 100 years old. Again, the red and green historically was not restricted to Christmas. And I never hesitate to have my red and green quilts out in months other than December.

Reproduction Antique Baskets Quilt
This quilt has been hangining in my living room since May 2010. I made it in 2005 based on an antique quilt I saw in one of our magazines. The blocks are 9" and the quilt is about 36" x 36". It is one of the 13 patterns that will be in my 2014 wall calendar of quilts. This is actually the second quilt I made of this pattern. The first one was made for Windham Fabrics.

Garden Walk Quilt for Windham Fabrics
I do not own this quilt and no one ever could figure out who ended up with it! What a shame, but I am hopeful she lives in a happy and appreciative home.

I hope you enjoyed my little red and green corner. Merry Christmas to you and I'm wishing you safe travels, happy family time and if you can squeeze some quilting in, I'm hoping that makes you happy, too!


  1. Very lovely Debbie....Rose of Sharon is an old favorite.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Wonderful Christmas collection, Debby.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting in 2013!

  3. Beautiful quilts. These are some of my favorite patterns.

  4. Did you happen to know Laurene Sinema? She was a good friend of mine, and she loved red and green quilts. We had a red and green club at her shop, The Quilted Apple. I really enjoyed seeing your quilts, and I remember that first one from the magazine. =) This post was quite a treat.

  5. Lovely collection of antique quilts Debby. I really like the rose of Sharon. one of my favorite flowers.
    Joan in GA

  6. thanks for sharing your red and green quilts.


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