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My new Pickledish Class - fabrics by Windham
Yep. Bright colors. Ready for Spring. I've been playing with this block off and on for a few years. I initially was creating a Double Wedding Ring pattern for paper piecing, but then upsized the pattern, simplified the curvy parts and voila!

Pickledish single block. 11-1/4" finished
A traditional block in today's colors. I have proposed this for the Fall lineup of the Sewing & Quilt Expo. Paper piecing those wedges is very similar to my Coffee Filter Fans (also paper pieced - and yes, on coffee filters!) What do you think?

Yes, I've still been adding onto the Double Wedding Ring blocks in 1930s prints I shared several weeks ago. I'm this far (not a good pic):
Paper pieced wedges and some serious curved sewing
Better picture of my DWR two blocks, still in progress
 See the DWR unit below. Four units make a block, but only 7 units make 2 blocks when they are sewn together. Not an easy-peasy block to make, but still doable! I am working on streamlining and simplifying the block. First off, it is paper pieced! But we still have to sew the curves, sigh.

DWR unit

I am working on this same Double Wedding Ring pattern using some beautiful Asian inspired fabrics by Blank Quilting, along with some of those new colors of Rock Candy. Here are the fabrics. What do you think?
Rock Candy in new Spring colors
 The new Mariko Collection - can you see it in a Double Wedding Ring?
Mariko Collection by Blank Quilting

I have another class that is based on a quilt from my new book, Paper Piecing Perfect Points. The original quilt is Shimmering Waterwheels.

Shimmering Waterwheels
More paper piecing. Students certainly can't finish a whole lot in a 3 hour class, but they will learn the techniques and assemble 2 or more blocks. Here is a version done in red, black and white. I shared the making of these blocks, step by step in Paper Piecing Monday a few weeks ago:

Single Block - not sure of the sashings. What do you think?
 I'm still playing with the sashings. Should they be a black and white stripe? A solid black? What do you think?

I'm done for now. I have more proposals I've reveal in a few days. I've been busy traveling (Lakeland, Atlanta, Cleveland) and now I leave for Chicago and Worcester, MA in a few days. Several local guilds have invited my quilts and me to visit and we look forward to that.

Yes, I'm still thinking about that Arrowheads quilt re-name. Not sure what I want to do. I got a lot of awesome suggestions. Thanks to everyone. Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday!

Ooops! Almost forgot! I have another FREE PATTERN. The Tea Party Ensemble 

The Tea Party Ensemble - FREE at my Craftsy Pattern Site


  1. Where can I get the Pickledish pattern? I love it!

  2. I would love the paper pieced double wedding ring! I love paper and foundation piecing!

  3. Love the pickle dish. As for the red, black & white, what is you kept the sashing the same fabric, but cut it down to about half the size it is now?

  4. Is the pickle dish pattern available for purchase? I would love to try and make that quilt.

  5. ohhhh that pickle dish is a delight …can you imagine that in gingham lol


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