Crochet Junkie & Birdhouses

Bought 4 new books. Can't wait to play.
 I buy books, magazines, yarn. And do it again. I came back to crochet after a 40 year hiatus and pick it up when I travel to while away the hours in airports and hotels. Seems like I just come back to one mindless, simple project: The double-fold potholder. It can be made with a single skein of cotton yarn. As you can see, you just sew 'round and 'round and finally the two sides come together.

My favorite "go to" potholder pattern

Yes, I got carried away.
 I cannot in good conscience show you my ratty, burned, shredded current potholders. You would immediately unfriend me! (yes, I wash them!) But, why am I not using my new potholders? No answer!

Lots of color, sort of like my fabric stash!
It's all about fiber, threads, textiles. I love it all. Have no clue how to knit, but I can crochet, if only potholders!

Next week is the "For the Birds" Blog Hop. My day is Thursday, May 9. I have some very special things brewing for the birds! In the meantime, I have just uploaded a set of 12 paper pieced birdhouses - Cheeper by the Dozen - on my Craftsy pattern site. They are priced at $5.50 and you can read all about it here: Cheeper by the Dozen.

These are smaller patterns in various sizes (I list them at the Craftsy site) and I include a quilt layout should you want to put them all together. I have offered these for years on my popular selling CD. And I have another 12 that I'm putting together into another pattern pack. So many patterns, so little time!
Cheeper by the Dozen paper pieced birdhouses
I will be making some changes to my Birdhouse Quilt-a-Long page here on the blog. I am working on the next few blocks and each time I add one I will remove the previous ones.

See you next week (or sooner). Remember, any day with fabric and thread (or yarn) is a good day!


  1. Do you have a pattern for those potholders? I was given a set of those for Christmas over 15 years ago. They are still going strong, but my others have holes and I'm starting to burn myself with them. I was just thinking I needed to make me some.

  2. You are a multi-talented, multi-fiber artist!

  3. Love the potholders. Do you have a link to the pattern? Your paper pieced bird houses are so cute.

  4. Your birdhouses are adorable. I, too, would love to find the source of the potholder pattern. I have many dishcloths, but would love to do the potholders.

  5. Those birdhouses are so cute and I can see they would work in nicely with the larger ones.

  6. I think I have potholder envy!

  7. Thank you so much for picking me as one of your winners.

  8. Love the bird houses! I love making those mindless Potholders. They are the best.


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