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Up in the Air by Windham Fabrics
 OK. Do you remember the Pickle Dish units I started a few weeks ago?

Pickle Dish units: only had enough fabric for four of these!
Now, what did I do with them? I pieced until I had no more fabric. And I got . . .?

Pickle Dish Block - this is a TRUE Pickle Dish unit

And two blocks together (it's all the fabric I had for the paper piecing):
Two Pickle Dish units/blocks
Well, more to come. I will be adding other fabrics to make some sort of unique design. But, this is a true Pickle Dish block.This is NOT for the novice or timid quilter! Be bold and courageous. And like I did, only make 2 blocks.

The RIDE collection - all about bikes
I only had a few 5" squares. I DO NOT LIKE fabric that has been pinked! It is hard to keep a true 1/4" seam. But I only had a few squares to sew, and I used simple 1" strips to create these blocks:

Simple blocks using 5" squares and 1" sashings
Still thinking about what to do with Briar Rose by Windham. Sweet, lovely fabrics, don't you think?

Briar Rose with some blenders from the Spin Collection.
And last, but not least, my continued adventure with the Double Wedding Ring block. This was paper pieced a few years ago and I tried my hand at a different approach. You will see this block again in a future blog hop (I think). For now, enjoy the 1930s reproduction prints from days gone by:

Simple paper pieced wedges appliqued to a background square.
These were extra units from making these:
Double Wedding Ring units - both easy and hard, but doable!
So, Windham makes another appearance on Wednesdays. It's so much fun to play with a little bit of fabric here and there. And I have no problem with UFOs. How is your own UFO stash?


  1. I hate the deep pinking edges - sometimes they are almost as deep as your seam allowance so you have to cut the pre-cuts down to a smaller size to make them work which defeats the purpose of buying pre-cuts.

  2. And I thought I'm the only person who doesn't like the pinked edges...

  3. Pinked edges...Boo! I've been working on a quilt made with pinked jelly rolls and find myself mumbling words I don't normally use while quilting ;)

  4. oh, I'd love to be included in the giveaway . guess I'm new at the sewing thing so pinked edges aren't a problem so far for me. thanks

  5. I love the Pickle dish pattern....definitely adding it to my list of things to do!

  6. I have always loved the Pickledish pattern. Yours looks terrific.

  7. I love your pickle dish and double wedding ring they are so pretty. I have always wanted to make of each of these but didnt know where to start. I do all my sewing and quilting by hand, so do you know of a paper piece pattern that would work for me? barbara

  8. Debby ~ I love the fabrics you chose to create those. The cloud fabrics look so awesome on the outside edges like that. Beautiful.

  9. LOVE the hot air balloon fabric....Took my first ride last summer. How fun would it be to make a quilt using that fabric! You create such Great blocks!!

  10. again…these are terrific…ok, we just may have to you know lol


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