Sometimes Big is, Well - Big!

Blue Plate Special with prairie points between the wedges
First, just to let you know, I did have a winner in my Batiks Hop Giveaway last week. Jeanie of Ft. Wayne, IN won the bundle of 20 batik strips (2-1/2"). Congratulations Jeanie!

Now to the BIG blocks I've been working on. I super-sized my Dresden Ruler from an 8" height to 12" and cut out these wedges from the new Raj Collection by Windham Fabrics.
Raj Collection by Windham Fabrics
This makes for a very, very BIG  block. From tip to tip, this circle of 20 wedges measures 24". I appliqued it to a 30" square background fabric. I think it's a WOW block, don't you?

What else did I make using my larger ruler? (I only have my prototype; haven't ordered them yet for my classes in the Spring)

Flirty 30 Buzz Saw; another 24" center.
I set it into a curved background and then added a center circle. There are other rulers on the market that make this sort of wedge shape, but there is a LOT of fabric waste. I figured out a way to slice a small triangle off the top of the wedge and insert a white 30 degree triangle. I call it my Flirty 30 Buzz Saw. What do you think?
Flirty Thirty Buzz Saw, ready for borders and to be quilted
One more quilt made with this 18 degree ruler. I don't like the technique I had to use to get these sharp angles. Again, way too much fabric waste. I might as well foundation piece these, but I thought you might want to see my 10 Points of Light Block:
10 Points of Light, appliqued to the background swirly print
I am a short woman who loves BIG blocks. It's fun to play with them and you have to admit, you can get to your quilt quicker with such large units!

Hope you enjoyed the show. I'm off to teach again, this time in Birmingham, AL. Then on to Ft. Worth, TX. My husband holds down the fort and my dog guards it! But neither one ever sets foot in my sewing room.


  1. They are all WOWs!! Large blocks scare me - give me a 2.5" block any time.

  2. Love the blocks, Debby. I like all sizes of blocks, but the bigger blocks use bigger pieces of fabric and show off the prints better.
    I'm thrilled to win the batik strips! Thank you so much!

  3. Those are fabulous - especially the Flirty 30s.

    Congratulations, Jeanie.

  4. Love the large blocks. Congratulations to Jeanie. Thank you for hosting the goveaway.

  5. wow that is a big block, all are great, the colour way of the final one really caught my eye

  6. Big blocks are fun, and your's are beautiful! Have fun in Ft. Worth, one of my favorite places!! I'll be there during the winter months.

  7. I love your blocks especially the pointed one you figured out. Hope you have fun on your travels. Love how your husband holds down the fort and your dog keeps watch. LOL

  8. Those are so cool Debby! I liked the first one and then LOVED the second one, but then you added that last one and thought that one was just awesome looking. The last is by far my most favorite of the three.
    Have fun teaching.


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