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Bella's House 
I made this quilt last year and finally got it quilted. I put the binding, rod pocket and label on Sunday and then photographed it in the sunshine on my deck. Yes, that pot of flowers is huge. Bought by my husband who is very tall and only does things big and tall. (That's why I have to label certain shelves in the kitchen with: Debby can't reach this shelf!)
The quilting was done by Kathy Gray - she did an awesome job!
Another quilt I got quilted recently is what I call Stars and Hexagons. No set-in seams. I love how wonderful a simple two color quilt looks. I'm hoping one or both of these get picked up by a magazine sometime soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Stars and Hexagons
While I am home for 2 weeks between shows, I am so busy with getting all my patterns and kits ready for my last two cities. I have family things going on and am trying to enjoy the last of the autumn sunshine. I really want to sew some new ideas.

Of course, I can't wait for the "For the Boys" hop next week. I have been enjoying the Wicked Hop but have been intermittent about visiting all the fabulous blogger sites. Work has to come first or I can't pay the rent, right?

Hope you enjoyed seeing some finishes I've gotten to. I can't wait to hang these up where I can see them (at least one will go in my sewing room).


  1. The cute house is adorable and your hexies are excellent.

  2. The house is really cute.

    Enjoy these autumn days. They are definitely worth it.

  3. Lovely finishes. It must feel really great to get projects completed. Creative Bliss...

  4. both great quilts, black and white has such contrast

  5. Debby, both of these are wonderful. I love the contrast of the black and white one.

  6. totally love the house quilt-the use of that Lotta fabric is fabulous!

  7. Finishes are always good! That really IS a big pot of flowers! I especially like your hexagon and stars. Good luck with the magazines.

  8. Adorable!! Had to laugh at your post today. My SIL is a big and tall man. When he remodeled their
    kitchen, my daughter couldn't reach half of the shelves!!

  9. Love the finishes. Especially the house. It is gorgeous. I can envision this as a Christmas quilt gingerbread cottage. I always love your projects. So much inspiration. I am a shortie 5 foot 1 and a half inch. So I can barely reach anything. I have my trusty foot stool. I would be lost without it


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