More Upcoming Classes - Machine Quilting

Snow Quilting - the night before we got 12" of the real stuff!
 No, I'm not teaching a class on Snow Quilting - just free motion quilting. I thought I'd see if it would work on a blank slate of snow on my glass outdoor table. What do you think?

A few out-of-control feathers. Swirls. Curves
I teach for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo. I love being a part of it! They treat me very well and I teach my heart out. I love my students, I get to share whatever quilts I've been making for samples and it helps me pay the rent. A good arrangement, I think. So, what does Snow Quilting have to do with it?
The Stipple or Meander stitch - one of the first we work on
After some intro, we concentrate on getting a good curve. Remember, the feed dogs are not engaged. Someone once said that it's "Dancing with the Feed Dogs Down." I like that, don't you?

How about some spirals? And yes - we can cross lines. Come get me, Quilt Police!
Pebbles. I have a love-hate relationship with these things. Very intense!
Flower and Grass - really? Yes, really
 And we talk about stencils and thread color and marking tools . . .
Trumpet Flower stencil
What's my schedule for classes? You can see it all at the OSQE website:

But I'm in the following cities teaching this class for the Spring:
You can see more samples at the Sewing Expo site. And you can also win some free class tickets and show admission by visiting their BLOG. More on other classes in a few days.


  1. Love your snow quilting. Hot Cocoa Bliss...

  2. Oh how I wish I lived close to where you're teaching! I really want to learn to machine quilt. I love your snow quilting...sweet!

  3. Snow quilting, how fun!!! I've been known to practice quilting patterns when I mow the lawn!! Have a blast with your classes - I don't know how anyone can quilt with their DSM - totally in awe of those who do!

  4. How clever! This is even better than pencil and paper practice, but we don't get snow here! I'll have to just pretend!

  5. The snow quilting looks like fun, as long as I don't have to actually be outside in the snow to do it. =) I was excited to see you were going to be in Atlanta, but there are no seats left. Bah, humbug!


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