Vintage Quilt Items

School box covered in a Baby Blocks quilt pattern
A visit to my daughter Audrey's apartment this week brought me up close with a few of her vintage items. She loves old things and hunts them out in thrift shops and junk stores. This school box above is quite graphic, decorated with a paper coating with the traditional Baby Blocks design. I don't think the angle is 60 degrees, but it still is a Baby Blocks motif.

Rescued yo-yos repurposed into a place mat or hot mat
I bought a bag of these yo yo rectangle units from a guild show sale. There were oodles of them in a brown paper sack and I grabbed them up before they even went on sale. I turned one set of 20 into a hot pad using pre-quilted cream fabric. I used invisible monofilament thread to quick stitch them onto the background (oh, yes I did!). Go ahead; call the QUILT POLICE. I dare you!

Cathedral Windows section
A friend in Atlanta gave me a brown paper bag full of these Cathedral Window sections. Can you believe it? Her daughter in law's mother was planning on making a KING SIZE quilt out of these sections. Can you say ETERNITY? That's how long it would take. Well, she slipped into eternity before she could finish (I was right) and I gave one to my daughter to use as a decorative table runner. I used some of the small sections and made a crib sized quilt for my friend to give to her daughter in law, in memory of her mother. I kept one and it is pinned above my double windows in my sewing room. Easy valance, that's for sure.

Yo Yo sections joined using monofilament thread (gasp!)
Here are several of those sections stitched together. Yes, I used monofilament thread. But they're done and are beautiful on Audrey's table.

Hope you enjoyed my vintage quilt items. Now, excuse me as I dash down to the basement to search for more sets of those yo-yos.


  1. Oh My Goodness,Debby! What gorgeous vintage items you have rescued and put to good use! I am so jealous.

  2. you have some delightful pieces here, especially love the cathedral windows, I dream of making a quilt but it takes so much fabric would cost the earth, maybe I could use up large scraps.

  3. Do you hand stitch yo yos together?

  4. That's not a school box. It's was made for storing 45rpm records! I know, because I still have mine bought many years ago at Woolworth's. ;-)

  5. I found an old yo-yo quilt in an antique shop back in the early 90's and bought it. I used it on my table every year... I finally got tired of it and gave it away on my blog back last year. Sometimes I get to missing it but I know the lady who won it is loving it now.

    I have a friend in Alabama who actually made a king size Cathedral Window. She would take her squares to the beauty shop, doctors office, hospital while sitting with others and she worked on them late at night waiting for her husband to come in from his 3-11 shift at work. I think she said it took her over a year to finish her quilt. She said each square took her 45 minutes... multiply that by ???? Not a job for me... nope..

    Maybe I will luck up one day and find some... that is the only way I will ever have any. lol


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