Back on the Road

One Day Lone Star - Oh, Yes it Is!!!
The red suitcase is back out, the dog is nervous, and I leave tomorrow for a guild in Tennessee. Teaching two workshops (and present a trunk show). One of them is the One Day Lone Star. Yes, I said that correct: One Day Lone Star! That is my workhop for Saturday.

Well, what's happening on Friday (besides the trunk show)?

The Good Luck Quilt
Yes, that's the name of the block in this quilt. Easy to name the quilt if you know the name of the block, huh? Cut two strips; sew together; recut and make the four units of the block. No templates; no lopped off points; easy and FUN! I teach this on Friday afternoon.

Leave tomorrow. The dog is edgy. Husband is on his own. Looking forward to June when my schedule slows down and I feel a bit more human! But my quilts are OH, SO HAPPY to get out of the closets and some attention!


  1. I hope you are having a marvelous time in Tennessee. You've come just as we had a break in the humid heat!


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