Beautiful Hand Quilting

Twisted Hexagon Table Runner hand pieced and hand quilted
Julia is in my local quilt bee. We meet on Thursdays and we all inspire each other and share good quilt stories and info. She took my Twisted Hexagons workshop in January which I gave for my guild, the Fairfax Chapter of Quilter's Unlimited. She quietly stitched for the three hours - BY HAND, did you catch that in the caption above?!! Wow. Truly beautiful.

I am a high contrast person. Brights. Darks. Batiks. Fabrics that shout, "Look at me!"

She took it one step further and hand quilted everything, finishing the last stitch this morning. She sent me a close up of her work . . .

Julia's hand quilting
I should say that Julia works at Jinny Beyer's quilt shop in Falls Church, VA. And we all know that Jinny hand pieces everything! I am the sewing machine queen and haven't ever hand pieced anything. (Well, I did once; I threw the pieces into the trash can and ran for my machine.)  I used to hand quilt but I get paid to FINISH quilts, so I'm sort of a mercenary in that respect.

So, thank you, Julia for sharing your work of art. One of the finest I've seen in a long time, wouldn't you agree?


  1. what wonderful hand quilting stitches are so even so very beautiful

  2. Julia's hand stitching is exquisite indeed!! As a handquilter myself, I can appreciate the time and immense pleasure. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Being a hand quilter, I appreciate the time involved. it is gorgeous!! we love to hand quilt, because it involves way too much time, if you didn't love it!

  4. This is great, Julia! The precise stitches remind me of the quilts my grandmother made - you could swear they were done with a stitch regulator instead of by hand. Big smiles for you!

  5. That is a beautiful piece. Loving the hand quilting.

  6. I can see the advantage to both hand and machine quilting and piecing ... and applique, too. This is definitely a beautiful piece that shows of the advantages of hand work!


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