Winding Ways Quilts

My first - and easiest - Winding Ways quilt
Easy? Are you nuts? This quilt is NOT easy, you may say. But look closely. Those are TWO patches only for each block: a background square and a single applique patch that mimics the crazy, multiple patches of a traditional Winding Ways block.

Well, what does a traditional block look like?

Single Winding Ways block pieced with 12 curved patches - Yikes!
Well, it LOOKS like it was appliqued. I don't believe you!

Well? Do you believe me now?
And can we see the seams in the back?

Look close! Those are all seams and you really have to press them EXACTLY as shown.
And did you make only one block? Of course not! This was a class a few years ago. But I spared my students the crazy nightmare of cutting out their patches. I supplied laser cut kits for all the patches, done for me from John Flynn's company. His daughter Kate handles this part of the business and my students were ecstatic (as was I) when we sat down to piece. Here are the TWO quilts I made as class samples. The blocks are 10".

Three block table runner
Don't you love the way I used the fabric in the inner border? I had to! Or I would have had to introduce a fourth fabric.

Here is the four block quilt:
Four blocks (sorry for the fuzzy picture)
 And, oh yes. I made two other quilts . . .
Pre-cut kit of Benartex flannels. This was before the border.
This was made using the single template method


  1. Debby, You make everything look so easy. I love the look of this quilt!

  2. I love the winding ways pattern. I have long wanted to make one for our bed...maybe for our 35th anniversary. Maybe now I can! Thank you :)

  3. I can't believe you made this pattern with flannel! You are amazing! Of course, there is not anything better than a fossil fern combination. Happy to see them all.

  4. Hi Debby. I want to thank you so so much for this pattern. I have admired this quilt for a long time and wanted to make one, but all those curves have scared me a bit. You always make everything so much easier. I am going to make one now Thanks again. for sure.

  5. I have tried winding ways but no luck so many thanks for giving us this pattern, it is now on my to do list afraid it is getting rather long but will get there in the end!

  6. I love the flannel quilt. I like the circular effect it gives. can you tell me how many colors are used?

  7. It`s absolutely beautiful.I`ve never done this pattern and hope to try it.Thanks for the pattern!!

  8. Debby, this is a great pattern. Thanks as always for sharing. I have to add this one to my never ending list. Robin

  9. I kept thinking of four leaf clovers when I saw this one! It could work!


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