Star Spangled Banner Day 6

Stitching  History with the Maryland Historical Society
Welcome to Day 6 of the Star Spangled Banner Extravaganza. I came across a story on the Martingale blog that ANY quilter would enjoy. The famous Mimi Dietrich took part in the "Stitching History" project last year as part of the Maryland Historical Society. It is a FABULOUS read with a lot of pictures.

Visit the STITCH THIS site to read about it. Well, can we see some pictures here first? Of course!

Working on the Star Spangled replica

Such a beautiful sight, huh? I love the red, white and blue!

The Star Spangled replica
And, of course, they got to test it out at Ft. McHenry . . .

Long may She wave
How about a FREE pattern?

Stars of Valor
Stars of Valor by Betty New - 56" x 67"

And, we can't forget about the fabrics, right? These are from Benartex Fabrics and they have a British theme. See? We have kissed and made up with you Brits! After all, you gave us the Beatles.

London Bridge fabrics from Benartex

1. The contest is over at midnight tonight, September 12, 2014 (EST). I have ONE MORE contest tomorrow, so come back and bring your friends.

2. Fabrics can only be mailed in the United States.

3. If I randomly select someone from outside the United States, you can have ANY of my patterns from my Craftsy site. I will email them to you (obviously, the ones that are for sale).

4. If I don't have your email, I can't notify you! Anonymous bloggers can't win!

Have you ever participated in any historic re-enactment (other than grade school)? Or do you enjoy seeing special events that feature historic re-enactment.

And come back tomorrow for more quilt inspiration, free pattern and of course, free fabric!


  1. I have never been in any kind of historic re-enactment, although I've seen many of them at local museums. I am always impressed at the research and detail that goes into them!

  2. Oh to be able to have helped work on restoring this flag. It would have been an honor. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  3. Our valley re-creates the historic battle (Revolutionary War) that occured in October - right down thru the valley and ending at our towns local 'Old Fort' where the British were finally defeated. We always go to watch some of the Fort activities. We donated one of our farm's Dutch barns to the museum and it was dedicated during one of these re-enactments - we hosted a history of the barn that year.

  4. During the Bicentennial I made a costume and wore it at a craft show held at the Rockville Civic Center in MD. It was later used for Halloween! I also used a man's navy blue suit from a thrift shop as the foundation for a colonial officer..George Washington? ..for our history buff son's Halloween. Now he does other reenactment a. Interesting and fun!

  5. I've never participated in a history re-enactment but I've been to some places and watched that sort of thing. Williamsburg, Va and Shaker Village in KY are two that come to mind.

  6. Yes, a couple of our friends were involved in Civil War re-enactment for several years. It was interesting to watch. Thanks

  7. Beautiful! Would love to see that flag in real life; it's huge!

  8. I haven't been in one since grade school, but I would definitely enjoy it :)

  9. I've made costumes if that counts, but really I'm just a spectator. I have so enjoyed everyday.

  10. No, I have not been in or seen a live re-enactment. I'm sure it would be interesting.

  11. I live in southern MO. I have never participated in a reenactment but a few years ago I spent the day in Springfield, MO watching Wilson's Creek Civil War Battle reenactment. It was awesome.
    Kathy Davis


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