The Joys of Hex with BenarTEX

The wheels on the bus go . . .

Round and round . . .
All the kiddies are back in school, including my dear youngest daughter Valery (last year of college). Would you like to see what fun things I did with the Head of the Class Collection by Benartex Fabrics?

Head of the Class Collection by Benartex Fabrics
I cut hexagons, but how did I do it? Visit the Sew in Love with Fabric blog (Benartex) to see a detailed tutorial on cutting hexagons with a simple ruler.

 Technique Tuesday with Benartex
5 hexagons from each of the strips I cut
And let me know if this was NEW to you. And how much you love your 60˚ ruler now!


  1. This particular tutorial was new to me. I have not used the CG ruler. Seems easy enough. Absolutely love the fabric. So bright and colorful.

  2. That bus is just too cute and the fabric looks so fun! I'm not hexie maker, but you are my idol when it comes to making them. :O)


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