New Classic Amish Shadows Pattern on Craftsy

I have always been in awe of the Amish quilts and their use of solid fabrics and traditional patterns. When I created the Gee's Bend patterns for Windham Fabrics I had a lot of their hand dyed solids left over. I created two timeless quilts, one of which is the classic shadows pattern.

Classic Amish Shadows: 52" x 63"
Simple squares of color alternating with simple squares of black. And all set on point. I could make this quilt again and enjoy it just as much. My faithful friend and longarm quilter, Connie Gallant, gave it an all over design to soften the strong linear feel.

Here is the quilt as a flat shot:

Classic Amish Shadows
This quilt appeared in my 2014 wall calendar of quilts. I thought I'd re-issue it as a stand alone pattern on Craftsy. It is a 4 page pdf with clear illustrations and a double set of instructions (I patterned this twice already, so I threw in both sets!)

The price is right: $6 and it's an easy download. Why not check it out? Classic Amish Shadows Quilt


  1. Stunning! You do such beautiful work. :)

  2. Almost perfect size for American Heroes, and those are great colors you used in this one. I like the blue border around the dark.


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