Double Wedding Ring Revisited

I keep coming back to some paper pieced Double Wedding Ring (DWR) arcs that I've been working on for about 6 years. I guess I'm not in a hurry. I've made quite a few DWR quilts over the years. My initial thoughts were - let's simplify! One of my first was this quilt (which is now a Craftsy pattern):

Shotgun Wedding Ring
I know this is a big picture, but I wanted you to see the quilting on it. Amazing, isn't it? Michele Wyman of Acworth, GA quilted this for Susan Fisher, who made it. It appeared in my first book: Bold, Black and Beautiful Quilts. I called it SHOTGUN WEDDING RING because it was quick to make.

Those melon shapes have a fused backing and are raw edge appliqued. The blocks are 15" square. (This quilt has 12 blocks) The multi-page, well illustrated pattern ($5.00) also includes a full page line drawing so you can color in your fabric choices.

Here is another DWR quilt I made eons ago. It is a rag quilt with the edges of the melons fraying in the washing machine:

Rag quilt from years ago
 And now back to the paper pieced arcs:

Pre-cut patches for each piecing
OK, Debby.  Where did you get the pattern? I confess: sometimes I like to work with someone else's pattern (like once every 5 years) and don't want to bother drafting my own. This is a FREE pattern from McCall's Quilting. I altered it for my own use, but the size and # of patches is the same.

You will need to download TWO files. One is for the instructions (with the picture of the quilt) and the other is for the templates and foundation. Vintage Double Wedding Ring Quilt is the page where you'll see a lovely picture of the quilt and shows both links.

Here are a few of my units. I'll share more later this week.

Whew! Two arcs and two squares make one unit
 And then what do you do?

Make some of these, too
Stay tuned. I made some of these in some Asian prints. I also used some of the parts to make some interesting blocks (Patty's Summer Parasol). I'll take some more photos and share them.


  1. I like the shaggy raggy DWR. Where did you get the pattern for it? Thanks for your blog! Angelia from GA,

  2. I like the idea of raw edge, while I think DWR is gorgeous, I don't want to make one ....yet.

  3. I started making the DWR from the McCalls magazine a couple of years ago. I put it aside, because it is labor intensive. I had forgot about it. Think I will take it out and work on it a bit. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Another great example of how one pattern can lead to so many looks. I especially like the dentil border on the blue and yellow rag quilt. It's a great contrast to the curves and soft edges. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! I love all the quilts. My favorite is the paper pieced one!

  6. This MIGHT be one I could tolerate paper-piecing. =) I made some blocks in a class with Laurene Sinema years ago - using freezer paper, and it was really easy, just takes a lot of time to make enough arcs! Thanks for the inspiring pictures. You have done such a wide variety of quilting techniques and patterns!


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