And the Donuts Continue

Over the weekend I realized I have one more quilt using the donut shape (to carry National Donut Day a little longer). I call it Ezekiel's Wheel and it was designed for Windham Fabrics using their Moonstruck Collection. I actually made the entire quilt which is yet to be quilted. Don't you just love that lime green!

Ezekiel's Wheel: 62" x 62"
Can you see how 4 blocks can give the illusion of 5 blocks when part of the block is turned 90 degrees? The center "block" is actually composed of one unit from each of the 4 real blocks. I have made about a dozen quilts using this illusion and I love it.

9" unit with the donut shape
You can see the tutorial for sewing the block here and the pattern is also available with full size templates. The 18" blocks (there are four of them) are made of four 9"units with that donut shape.

I somehow got through the weekend without eating a single donut. I didn't say I didn't eat any yummy dessert, though. My daughter brought me a piece of "to die for" chocolate mousse cake from the restaurant she and her husband ate dinner at on Friday night. Compensation for babysitting the little grandsons overnight so they could get away. I'll take chocolate cake any day! And calorie free donuts.


  1. very effective these curves, another technique I have not tried yet but recently bought a drunkards path acrylic template so maybe I will have a go soon


  2. Very nice. Love the colors. Want to use them for my next quilt.

  3. Very nice pattern, and it does lend real well with this fabric...

  4. I really like the top and the design in that fabric, too. I like the illusion and will have to remember it next time I make a sectioned block of that type. Thanks for all your inspiration, Debby.


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