Celebrate National Doughnut Day

I love them but can't eat them like I used to. Can't burn those calories, but there are times I give in and have a powdered sugar coated jelly doughnut. Yum, yum!

How about a calorie free fabric doughnut? You can have as many as you like. Today I'm reposting about three quilts and giving the free pattern for the block so you can try your hand at these doughnut shaped fabric patches.

The first appeared in a Fons & Porter magazine in Spring 2012. I used a Benartex Collection called Ebony and Ivory. I made the quilt and still own it. Here is the digital rendition:
Ebony & Ivory: 54" x 66"
The blocks are 12" and the alternate patches and half-units finish at 6". The curves are raw edge appliqued. If you still have the Spring 2012 issue, the pattern is there.

Now for the next rendition of this pattern. I designed this for Quiltmaker Magazine 100 Blocks. It uses the Arianna Collection from Benartex. These doughnut shapes are not appliqued, but are stitched concave to convex. It's not as hard as you think.  Here is the digital:
Flowerburst Block
Then I turned it into a 5 block quilt thinking Quiltmaker would like to publish it. Pink slip!

Flowerburst Quilt: 12" block
I returned to it one more time for a picture tutorial using another Benartex set of fabrics, the Dori Collection. It was featured on the Benartex blog (SewInLoveWithFabric) on a Technique Tuesday: Curves and Circles. If you click that link, you will see my steps, in pictures, of how to cut and stitch the block.

Cutting the doughnut

Fussy cutting the doughnut hole
Oh, wait! Maybe you'd like to see the Dori Quilt:

Flowerburst Quilt with 12" blocks

The center circle is fussy cut, interfaced and then appliqued over the center. You could call it a doughnut hole, right?

Don't forget to celebrate National Doughnut Day (June 5) today! And if you eat a real doughnut, think of me!

 Click here for the pdf file for the Flowerburst pattern


  1. Debby, I like this technique ... another great way to showcase florals. The off-set arrangement is good, also, and provides great spots for fun "supporting" fabrics. SO many options! Thanks for sharing! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  2. ... and way fewer calories than my favorite donuts: old-time frycakes! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  3. I can't eat donuts either anymore, but thanks so much for providing a different way to celebrate! Love this technique!

  4. Boston Creme at Dunkin' Donuts is the one I crave! I'm off sugar for the foreseeable future, so I won't be having one today, but this looks like a great alternative! Thanks so much, Debby.

  5. Love those calorie free donuts! My favorite calorie rich donut is Krispy Kreme's, but only if they "hot and ready". My second is a plain cinnamon/sugar cake donut. The rest of them I can resist. Thanks for the free pattern.


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