Two Quilt "Sisters" from My Christmas Vault

Yes, I have a lot of Christmas quilts. Remember, I've been sewing FOR A LIVING for 24 years and I'm only as good as my next quilt. Typically, I'm sent a new fabric collection by a fabric company and without them telling me what to do (those are my strict rules for playing), I let the fabrics tell ME what they want. No kidding!

The following was a Blank Quilting collection called Holiday Splendor from 2010. I was in a Lone Star mood (and I still am, if truth be known) and so this fabric said: GIANT Lone Star. I had to piece bits of fabric together to make the borders fit. This was rejected by several magazines (what do they know?) and so I made it a workshop and called it "One Day Lone Star." Yes, in a 6 hour workshop you can get most of the center done. That's because everything is ROTARY cut using normal numbers!
Star of Splendor - 35" Block, 48" x 48" Quilt. Quilted by Connie Gallant
This quilt is fully patterned along with 12 others in my "Best of 2012 Quilts Calendar" on my Craftsy pattern site. And all for $10 (that's less than $1 per pattern).

I still had some of this glorious fabric left, so I made my Magic Triangles quilt. It's actually a large table runner, but has always hung in my living room behind my vintage clock made by my dad about 40 years ago.

What? You don't know my parents? Well, right now they're singing with the angels, but they were quite a dapper couple in the late 1940s when they were dating. My mom was a "real looker" and my dad was so handsome in his white suit. He occasionally played guitar with the big bands in Atlantic City.
My parents in the late 1940s before they were married
That clock went to Africa and back with me when I was straight out of college and doing a Peace Corps type of Christian mission assignment teaching high school. The clock still works!

Magic Triangles - also quilted by Connie Gallant
As you can see, I had to get creative with my background fabrics. Who says you have to make it all one print? That's all I had left of the floral print and then used a second yellow print (different even from the little triangles) for those large triangles.

Those are actually 6 large Sugarloaf blocks placed large ends together to create those enormous 60 degree diamonds. That's all I had of the green border print, so that's why I only had two borders!

I am in the process of making another one of these Magic Triangles quilts using white and some modern fabrics. Will keep you posted on my progress.

Diamonds and triangles and pins - Oh, my!
Love these units!
Hope you enjoyed my two Christmas quilts.


  1. what a shame the hanging was rejected by the magazines, other quilt lovely too. How good that your Dad`s clock is still going strong, they are not made to last these days.Like you my parents are now in a better place and were courting in the 40`s, they met and married whilst they were both in India, Dad an RAF chaplain and Mum a nursing missionary

  2. I adore "vintage" stores. I like both your Lone Star Quilt and the one behind the clock. I love what you do with scraps. My parents were married in in the early forties before he shipped off to war. Like yours, they are singing and dancing with the angels.

    senstrings at yahoo dot com

  3. Ah, your parents and mine were from the same era. Boy they really knew how to dress back then!! My dad is gone, but I am blessed to still have my mom. She knew she was going to marry my dad before they even started dating. That's the story she tells.

  4. What beautiful quilts. You've proven there's more than one way to make a living quilting. ;) I love the pictures of your folks. They remind me of pictures of my mother and father.

  5. Hi Debby, I got out and decided to come visit ! Long time-no type LOL! One can NEVER go wrong with a Lone Star (I think your just as Texan at heart as your husband is) I love the pics of your parents, I cherish the the ones of my parents when they were young. The clock made by your Daddy is a treasure.


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