Windham Wednesdays and Wild Woods

Welcome to the Wild Woods by Windham Fabrics
Wild Woods by Daphne B for Windham Fabrics
This is such a delightful and beautiful collection designed by Daphne B of Wild Apple. The images are so clear and the companion fabrics are a perfect blend of folk art and rich, woodsy colors. There also is a panel of critters that has given me several fun ideas. Here is a pic of that from the Windham site:

Four of the six woodland creatures
The first thing I did was to use the panel as "cheater's cloth" and isolate a square center for a quilt. I was sent 3/4 yard of the panel fabric (by 44" width), so that worked out to about 28" x 28". That left me with two vertical rows of animals for my second project.

I cut four 2-1/2" strips each from 3 companion fabrics:

2-1/2" strips shown with my leftover vertical rows of images
I sewed borders from the strips and added another companion fabric of brown trees. What do you think? This was the fastest quilt I'd ever sewn - probably took all of 2 hours.

39" x 39" Child's quilt top, waiting for machine quilting
Oh, I got some time to quilt it on my HQ Sweet 16 on Tuesday. What a fun quilt for a boy, don't you think? This was by far the EASIEST quilt I've ever made. The fabric does all the work.

Quilted and DONE! In my charity quilts bundle.
I have a "go to" place mat pattern for my granddaughter. I made one for her and one for another little 2 year old guest who came for Thanksgiving. Don't you love that fox fabric!?

Placemat for Eva (granddaughter)

Placemat for Aitana (friend's daughter)
Raw edge appliqued the patches; layered with batting and backing and stitched around patches. The binding is a fun print that reminds me of a stripe.

Back of placemats
I took 6 of the paneled animals and turned them into cards so Eva can learn her animals. I reinforced the front and back squares with fusible Timtex; layered them and stitched around the edges. Then I used a specialty set of pinking shears to get a decorative edge.

Fusible Timtex (heavy interfacing) on wrong side of each panel
6 animal cards
And we need a card holder, right? And I had two extra animal panels that I turned into pockets. Wait! Why is the owl upside down? Is he hanging on a tree? Stay with me here!

Animal pockets with 6 cards
Added binding from yet another of the fabrics. I had some leftover two-sided quilted cream fabric and this worked perfectly for my animal pocket envelope.
Fox pocket on the front
The owl pocket had to be sewn on so he was oriented right side up on the back.
Owl pocket on the back
And I added two pieces of sew-in velcro to keep the pocket closed and the animals safe!

Mr. Fox is protecting the animal cards inside


  1. That is fabulous use of one panel of animals. The quilt is adorable, and so are the other projects you made. I love the placemats. That's how we taught our pre-schoolers, only we just had laminated paper mats. What fun to have those for little ones to learn place settings! Thanks for some great ideas!

  2. You sure had fun with this line!

  3. I love how many things you made from that fabric. What great fabric!

  4. The foxes are really cute! Love the placemats!

  5. what a lovely collection of fabrics and love what you have created with them


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