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I don't do handwork anymore other than a little crochet and some English Paper Piecing, mainly with hexagons. I thought you might like to see some of my recent finishes as a result of being part of Glorious Hexagons Facebook page. This is based on the book called "The New Hexagon" by Katja Marek.
The New Hexagon book
 I took mine immediately to get spiral bound so it will lie flat.

My copy of The New Hexagon
And coming this summer is a perpetual calendar with 366 more blocks!
The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar

Now, let's see some blocks! First is my version of Twisted Hexagon (a class I've taught for a few years, but only using rotary cutting and stitching).

This is Dawn, but I call it Twisted Hexagon
 And here's Marena:
Notice how this uses the same patches as Dawn
 Marilyn is Block #32 and I used the Kaffe Fassett fabric called "Target" for that bull's eye center!
Marilyn Block #32
 Mary Ellen is Block #28. I didn't like the blue triangle because it was too dull. I am in the process of replacing those two triangles with either the cream or green stained glass fabric.

Notice how Marilyn and Mary Ellen are very similar with the outside shapes. The center is pieced in Mary Ellen and a single fabric for Marilyn.
Block #28, Mary Ellen
And for the 4th "M" name: Marie! Don't you just love these motifs?

Marie, Block #1
Now for Dolores, Block #6. Very simple using three 60 degree triangles.

Dolores, Block #6
I buy my papers online with Paper Pieces. Always have. Though, in a pinch, I will print and cut my own out of card stock. Here is a small order I received last Friday. I generally put in large orders for packs of these for my classes.

My students each get a pack of 100 1" papers, along with small sets with fabric of other sizes.

I am using a Benartex collection by Paula Nadelstern (Fabricadabra) and I have enjoyed fussy cutting the center hexagons. Here are a few more before I go:

Rotary cut and stitched Dawn Block with Fabricadabra motif in center
And a rotary cut block, just to test drive the fabrics:

Sarah, Block #3
And last, but not least, my own upsized blocks using 1-1/2" hexagon papers for larger GFG blocks.
6 of the 9 Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks using Fabricadabra fabrics
 And here are the parts before joining. Made sure my stripes were cut in the same direction!
I had to make sure my stripes were all cut in the same direction

I love that it is so easy to take along a little bag with papers, fabric, thread and needle. And I seem to always do more when summer comes.

I have more to share, but for now, these are happy to meet you!


  1. maybe I should get my book out after seeing the great blocks you have made, here in the UK they would not spiral bound a book for me, said I would have to take it to pieces which could tear the pages so they remain unspiraled . Will be interesting to see the calender book, I so enjoy my quilters block a day calender, first thing I do every morning is to turn the page over oh yes of course it is yours!

    1. Try using a 60mm rotary & cutter a metal ruler (for a thin straight edge) to cut all the pages at once just past the glued bit. If you can't kept everything still layer things in this order from bottom up. A thin board ( I use a 1 x 3), a cutting mat (I slide the corner of mine in until all the book binding fits plus a an inch or so top and bottom), the thin metal ruler Clamp it all together with C-clamps. Lay the bundle on a table that the clamps fit beyond the edges. Now slice away. Of course practice on something you can through away if you make a mistake first. I also carefully salvage the book's end and attach it to a long skinny piece of card stock about an inch wider total. Add that to the top face down when it is spiral bound. The new tab will allow you to find the right book on the shelf without needing to pull out every spiral book until you've found the one you want. I hope this helps.

  2. Margaret..I live in UK and there are several companies who will spiral bind a book for you,the London knes seem the cheapest. May be worth a try. Debby I love your hexies and the fabric on the last ones, I am going to see if it is available over here.

  3. Each and every block is gorgeous.

  4. I just might have to have the book and the calendar. Wonder if any of the patterns will be repeated. . . .

  5. Love what you're showing and making with hexagons.

  6. I love that fabric, used those designs as centers in paper pieced castle wall blocks.

  7. I am loving those last two. What color!!!

  8. I love those blocks. I will have to look for that book, too. I have used Paper Pieces forever. I'm doing Barbara Brackman's Hexathon and it's driving me crazy to make my own cardstock printouts. I want the ones I'm used to. LOL If there were a store, I'd probably take the patterns in and match them to pieces so I didn't have to make my own. LOL I really like the way you have fussy cut your blocks. I think Marie is my favorite of the ones you showed.

  9. Those blocks are dazzling.Your fussy fabrics caught my eye and this books is fantastic for the lovers of hexies.I joined the facebook group and enjoying any of the block they made.

  10. Hello from the MO Ozarks, I have made many flowers for my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. I have read many posts about how to start English Paper piecing (which I have done). But I can't find anything on the best way to put the flowers together when assembling the quilt top. Do you have any advice or tips? Or could you refer me to someone who has written a blog post on this? Piecing in the circle was easy, putting the blocks together seems difficult. Thanks, Kathy


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