Aliens in My House!

These fat quarters just arrived today, the day the Solar Eclipse is happening here in the USA. I just had to take a picture of these fun fabrics and share.

Aliens in Space by Windham Fabrics
The pattern I designed is still not available at the Windham site, but it's soon coming!

Remember the pattern I showed last week?

My Outer Space Buddy pattern
I hope to make some simple blocks with this set of fat quarters. They will make great kids' quilts. I'm taking these with me to a quilting group that meets at my church. They make charity quilts and are always on the lookout for such fun novelty prints.

Take care of your eyeballs today. I couldn't find a pair of those special sunglasses at the stores I visited, so I'm watching everything online at the NASA site. They should get it right, right?


  1. Great block. I need to update my kids novelty prints. I'll see if I'm local quilt shop have some of these.

  2. I'm sure you found a place to watch the eclipse! We've had our glasses since early July and watching in person with a bunch of strangers who instantly bonded over the experience was fabulous. I like that fabric, and think it will make wonderful alien quilts!


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