Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 33

I'm so glad you're still with me as I reveal seven new blocks each week that Patricia Bryant of Australia has made using my Block a Day Calendar.

August 13: Grandmother's Dream
August 13: Grandmother's Dream, 18"
 August 14: Hopscotch
August 14: Hopscotch, 6"
 August 15: Lady of the Lake

August 15: Lady of the Lake, 8"
 August 16: London Roads

August 16: London Roads, 9"
 August 17: Mill Wheel

August 17: Mill Wheel, 12"
 August 18: Monk Fish

August 18: Monk Fish, 6"
August 19: Ocean Waves

August 19: Ocean Waves, 12"


  1. Hello Debby, The blocks Patricia has for us this week are all so pretty! I am really taken with the first block "Grandmothers Dream". The lovely fabrics that were chosen just fit this block wonderfully and got my attention immediately. Then I fell for the "Ocean Waves" block next. Since moving to Southern Oregon, I have fallen in love with visiting the ocean and all of its beauty. Then several years ago, I fell in love with an Ocean Waves Quilt I saw and have wanted to make one ever since. Just waiting for the courage and time to coincide...LOL.... but, I really do like the fabrics that Patricia selected for this block and the setting is perfect. Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  2. Hi Debby,
    I look forward to Sundays and Patricia's blocks. This week my favorite is Ocean Waves. I love the grays with the darker red. Just beautiful - all of them. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Perfect setting for the Ocean Waves block. Love the waterfall setting too. I didn't know mice could hop scotch.

  4. I was away a couple of Sundays, but I see that the beauty keeps on coming. That last picture is amazing.


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