Windham Wednesdays with Lemmikki by Lotta Jansdotter

I'm not one to be partial to one designer over another, but Lotta Jansdotter has captured my attention for several years with her clean lines, modern colors and happy patterns. Her latest, Lemmikki, is no exception.

Windham sent me a fat quarter bundle of Lemmikki and I decided to revisit a previous post and change it up a bit.

Lemmikki Collection by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics
I separated the grays from the colors:
Colors for my project today
 I'm saving the grays for a future project. Not sure what, but the fabrics will tell me what they want!

Grays for a future project
I had a sense that these colors were similar to two previous collections from Windham: Aria by Kelly Ventura and Hand Maker by Natalie Barnes. I pulled out the fabrics and did a quick perusal and decided I was right. I even emailed the Marketing Director for Windham and asked if these 3 designers had chosen the same "paint chips." No. Just that they must be partial to the same colors!

Not all "match" but I was able to select a few of the fabrics from Aria to work with my Lemikki project. I only had fat quarters and I needed a bit more fabric.

Aria Collection by Kelly Ventura
I used Hand Maker and Aria to make a class sample for my Rose Star class. What do you think?

Rose Star quilt using a few combined collections

And how about Hand Maker (released in 2016)?

Hand Maker Collection
I made this 6 block Winding Ways quilt WHICH I'M GOING TO TAKE APART for my next steps. Yes, I am! If you want to see the post I wrote with a lot of pictures, go see it: Winding Ways with Hand Maker. You will see how I made the blocks.

Winding Ways quilt made using Hand Maker
I decided to combine the 3 collections so Lemmikki would have some buddies to work with. First, here are the six blocks before I put them into this little quilt above:

Six Winding Ways blocks using Hand Maker
You may be asking: why did I take the six block quilt apart? Well, it's small. The blocks are 8" and the entire thing will only be fit for a wall hanging. I thought I would expand it. I cut out my 8-1/2" background squares and then my "cheater's" Winding Ways units (see that blog post above for the steps). Aren't these lovely colors?

Lemmikki, Hand Maker and Aria - all playing nice together
I stitched until I got a total of 16 blocks. I wanted 25 but I pooped out. When you are given ONLY fat quarters to work with, you have to get creative with the borders. As you can see in the 6 block quilt above, I used strips next to the blocks that reflect the fabric in the appliqué patch. I did the same thing in the 16 block quilt.
16 Block Winding Ways quilt
These are 8" blocks. The outside borders are cut 3-1/2" for a 38" x 38" quilt.

You can see my pattern for 10" blocks at my Etsy store: Winding Ways. The technique is the same as is used here. I appliquéd the patches instead of piecing. Very quick and easy!

Check out the Lemmikki Collection which is available in quilt shops right now. Stay tuned for what I come up with for those grays. They're beginning to whisper to me from the shelves . . .


  1. I love that odd color green (chartreuse?) and am working on a quilt with that green, orange, and gray with white. Those are my "colors of the moment"! Your Rose Star is a lovely block.


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