Lone Star Quilts

I've made several. More than several - close to a dozen! Only one (ok, two) used the dreadful y-seam to join the outside triangles and squares with the 8-pointed Star diamonds. Let me show you what I've done over the years.

I didn't realize I had so many until I began teaching (again) my Big Block Lone Star workshop. Let's see that one first. The block is a whopping 29" square; with borders, 41" x 41". This is ALL rotary cut and sewn with NO y-seams. The trick is in those light setting squares and triangles.

29" Lone Star using Nordic Holiday fabrics by Amanda Murphy for Benartex
Let's see one of my even bigger blocks. This pattern is available in my Craftsy store and shows two different colorways. It also includes the pages of step by step notes from my workshop (all illustrated) should you wish to avoid y-seams.

Star of Splendor. 35" center Lone Star Block
Also included with this 8 page pdf is a large Lone Star I made using some fabrics from Blank Quilting. This is 57" x 57".

Inspiration Lone Star. Quilt Size: 57" x 57"
And one more LARGE Lone Star. The outside light blue setting triangles and squares are split so we have NO y-seams. Info for that is included in the additional workshop notes (pdf).
Lone Star with smaller borders. Notice
Sometimes we like to use pre-cut friendly fabrics. Jelly Rolls play very well with the next two quilts. The block size is 19" x 19". The only difference is that the Peyton's Star has 9-Patch corners in the border.

Peyton's Star from a 2015 blog post using the Peyton Collection from Windham Fabrics
And a recent quilt using some Americana fabrics, reproductions from the 1930s. Notice the different arrangement of the colors in the 4-Patch diamonds. Peyton has all 8 star points come together with the same color (tan). The quilt below alternates the red and blue for a different look!

Storybook Americana Lone Star
Here is one more star from my book Supersize 'Em Quilts. EZ Being Green is a 29" Block (like the first quilt pictured at the top of this page) and measures 41" x 41" for the quilt. If you look closely enough on this green quilt, you will notice that the green print for the outside setting squares and triangles is pieced for ease of construction.

EZ Being Green from Supersize 'Em Quilts (2009, Martingale)
Hope you enjoyed the show. I'm still digging out more pics of my Lone Star quilts.


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