Are You a Chick with Sticks or a Happy Hooker?

Now, that is an intriguing title, isn't it? But like most quilters, we also love the yarn.

I can only crochet. I've tried knitting but I just can't make it work.

Today I want to share the 2019 yarn calendars from my publisher (Andrews McMeel publishes my quilting calendar).

First the crochet (because I'm partial):
2019 Crochet Calendar
And some of the projects. I even included that crocheted head of curlers (remember those ladies?). I always love shawl patterns. The crocheted basket is super using that variegated yarn. I love crocheted tea towel holders - now, that's a blast from the past!

Just a few of the crochet projects

Now, for you "Chicks with Sticks." Many of my friends are knitters. And some can do both. I gave it a try and now I'm too old to even consider it.
2019 Knitting Calendar
Let me show you how far I got when I tried to learn in January. Yes, those are DROPPED stitches and I gave it up after this.

Here are some of the projects in the 2019 Knitting Calendar. Always need hat patterns. I love that Ribbon of Hope Back Scrubber - very useful. Don't you love those Goose mittens? Those of us who still own and use clothes pins would love that cute little guy. But it's the knitted brain that just kills me! Gotta love it.
Some projects in 2019 Knitting Calendar
 Don't forget my Quilting Block & Pattern a Day calendar. A lot of good stuff in there, too!

2019 Quilting Block and Pattern a Day Calendar
You can find these online and also in some big box stores. I know that my own quilting calendar is the equivalent of almost 10 quilting books. My editor tells me that it's my best one so far (and I've been doing this since 2006)!


  1. Oh, I'm like you, I can not get those sticks to make anything recognizable! I do love to crochet, but I don't do it often because of carpel tunnel issues, but I like some of the pics of projects I see there, so I might have to pick up the calendar and a nice skein of Red Heart!


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