Sneak Peek: Michael Miller Mondays

Isn't it convenient that there is a day of the week that starts with an "M" so I can feature Michael Miller fabrics? I was sent 3 collections and the first one I plan on playing with is Marble.

Marble by Michael Miller
I remember creating REAL marbled fabric in my daughter Hilary's art class in elementary school! That was almost 30 years ago. I kept that little piece of fabric for years, thinking I was going to stitch something with it. It somehow got lost in one of our moves. Now I can play with these yummy colors.

All my favorite colors! How did they know?
Go check out their Look Book. Here's the first page. Holy Cow! I want to make this quilt (but without y-seams).
Marble Look Book
I will be playing with this set of fat quarters this week. I may use some Fairy Frost (I was sent some of that, too) and hope to have a post by next Monday. I think I'll give Hilary a call and ask her about that fabric marbling event in elementary school. (She turned out to be an artist, btw)

What concept spins through my head? "I've lost my marbles." "I've found my marbles." "Where are my marbles?" I'll let you know next Monday!


  1. Why is it beautiful fabric gives me such a rush.

  2. Marbled and fairy frost. I can see why your creative brain is on over drive. Look forward to your upcoming creations.

  3. the marbled fabric looks scrumptious. I hope to see it at our local quilt shop.

  4. I have a good name for whatever you make with this cool fabric: Marbleous!

  5. Yummiest.Have fun playing with them!!

  6. Elgin Marbles. =) But I read a lot of historical romance when I was younger. LOL Those are definitely lovely fabrics! I look forward to seeing what your M days bring us.

  7. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.



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