Michael Miller Mondays: Sneak Peek

Charming. Yes, that's the name of this delightful collection by Michael Miller. Actually, the designs are from Gertie for MM. Check them out!

16 fabrics from the Charming Collection by Gertie for Michael Miller
I have to say that I jumped right in and selected the purple group, just because I figured it would be the most challenging. I love lavender and thought I would make something really, really girlie! You can actually see the lavender fabrics with a few other go-withs here: Lavender Charming. I wasn't sent the red dot or solid, so I had to pull a few Fairy Frosts.

3 Fairy Frost fat quarters to begin designing with
Holy Cow! The Fairy Frosts scroll on for about a mile (or they seem to). So many colors, so little time. But I'm going to try!

Then I discovered I left out one of the skus to go with the Lavender group! I was actually relieved. Now I have a little more contrast. Don't ask me what I'm planning to make. There's a lot of purple going on here, but I do my best as a pattern designer when I'm given a challenge. And it really helps that the fabric is SO beautiful.

One more sku to go with the Lavender color way
Check back next Monday to see what I came up with. There are a few ideas swirling around in my crowded brain, and the fabric has started to whisper to me, telling me what it wants to be. That's a really good sign!


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