Flock of Birds Pattern

I love the sound of birds. It is different in the Fall from how things sound in the Spring. I thought of my calendar block for today, Flock of Birds. Here is the block as made by Patricia Bryant of Australia. Click the link and you can see all 7 of the blocks she made from that week in the calendar!

Flock of Birds by Patricia Bryant
Now, can we see it up close? Yes, it's small, but that's how I had to make it for my Block a Day Calendar.

Flock of Birds
When I created the hard copy calendar, I also created a CD version of all the blocks in TWO sizes and 12 quilts. The CD is no longer in print (neither is the calendar). I offer the blocks in monthly pdfs at my Craftsy store (links at the end of this post).

Here is the page from the October blocks (31 blocks in 2 sizes and 2 quilts). This is how each block is presented in the the version I created for the CD. You can make Flock of Birds in two sizes (12" and 18").

Go check out each month's listings at my Craftsy shop. You will find the pdfs contain over 40 pages of blocks (like you see above) and patterns for one or two quilts using those blocks.

Thanks for stopping by! And hope you enjoyed seeing my Flock of Birds block!


  1. I do like that block, and 18" makes a great quilt that is fairly quick to make. With that many pieces, it doesn't seem like a huge block! Thanks, Debby!


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