Friday, January 18, 2019

The Red Hat 2019 BOM is Here!

I've been working on these blocks for two weeks now (not full-time, of course!). I wanted to have all 9 blocks finished before launching this new Block of the Month.

Here is the Stepping Out Quilt that uses the 5 different blocks (two are repeated). As I said last week, this was first a set of blocks I designed for Intown Quilters in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004. Then I incorporated them into my Block a Day calendars. I'm now shopping for a perfect blue for those sashings.

Stepping Out Quilt: 39" x 39". Block Size: 9"
These blocks are not free because, as you may remember, I've lost my Craftsy shop and am slowly migrating over to Etsy. I get charged fees on Etsy (and I am not complaining; that's how business runs!) These blocks will be $1.00 for the month in which they run. After that, they will be $3.00. I did that last year and I had no complaints. This was a lot of work (but fun work!)

Here is my Red Hat block.

January Block: The Red Hat
I gave this block away and got somewhat confused in my sewing room and began to make a second one using hot pink fabrics. But, you will understand my steps even if I used the wrong fabric (for awhile).

Freezer paper template:

Transfer template onto freezer paper and cut out; iron to right side of fabric
Iron fusible interfacing to wrong side of fabric. This will stabilize the raw edges for my machine appliqué.
I used fusible interfacing on the wrong side

Hat cut out; ready to cut out the purple plume

Two parts to the hat blocks
 Place and partially stitch the red hat; ready to add purple plume

Two hat parts
 I added the dimensional stitching on the hat, as you can see, before I added the purple plume.

Pinned and stitched
 Final hat in red. Buttons are added. You could just as easily stitch small yellow circles of fabric.

First block: Red Hat in the Stepping Out Quilt
The first installment of this BOM includes a picture of the Stepping Out Quilt (digital) and fabric requirements. It is a 2 page pdf with the full size, traceable templates for this Red Hat block.

Stepping Out Quilt and Red Hat Block

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  1. Hi Debby! This BOM is so very tempting to me. A co-worker is a member of two red hat groups and is quite active. This would be the perfect idea for a quilt for her, but I just cannot start another project right now. Good thing it continues all year - I can always jump in later. Not to mention that she is also a tea lover, and could also start a tea cup quilt for her. Perhaps you two are sisters from different mothers?! I will certainly enjoy seeing these blocks released each month! Happy Saturday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


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