Twisted Hexagons and a New Pattern

This was a popular workshop several years ago and I still continue to make these quilts. I love to fussy cut the center motifs and these Corsage fabrics (Kaffe Fassett) were just calling out to me to be front-and-center for a Twisted Hexagon block. What do you think?

I cut out a freezer paper hexagon and then removed the center so I could center my motif. Ironed the freezer paper "window" onto the fabric and cut out.

Freezer paper template for a 6" (finished) hexagon
Motif centered inside a 6-1/2" freezer paper window
Then I selected some fabrics for my half-hexagons. I have a lot of usable scraps that work well with these Corsage fabrics. I cut 3 half-hexagons of one print and 3 of another.

Whole hexagon and 6 half-hexagons
 Here's another set:
Whole hexagon and 6 half-hexagons
 And what does one block look like?

Twisted Hexagon block. Finishes to 12" high by 13-1/2" wide
There are NO y-seams. This is pieced in a log cabin type manner. The key is to use only a partial seam with the first half-hexagon. Then after the last half-hexagon is added, you complete the first seam. (Now you know my secret!)

Yes, you say, BUT - how do you sew 12 blocks together without a y-seam? Think DIAGONAL rows. You combine rotary cut triangles and half triangles together with these Twisted Hexagon blocks DIAGONALLY into horizontal rows.

Now let's see the quilt:

First, on the frame when it was quilted by Lee Taylor at the Sew Lovely Shop.

A quilt is not a quilt until it's quilted!

Here's a shot of it before quilting, so you can see all the colors.

Twisted Hexagons Quilt: 57" x 64"
There are NO y-seams in this quilt. The blocks are set with those light gray triangles and sewn with DIAGONAL seams. Four horizontal rows of 3 blocks. No pulling of the hair with this!

As you may know, my Craftsy shop was downgraded from 124 patterns to only 4. At least I still have a presence there, but I had to open an Etsy shop and I'm slowly adding my patterns there. You can find this Twisted Hexagon quilt pattern there.

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  1. I like how you used a "window" from freezer paper to fussy cut. Have to remember that trick.

  2. This is beautiful. Hexies and I don't get along well, but my friend gave me a template to use. LOL. I may try this on the scale size of that template.

  3. I don't like hexie quilts, as a general rule, but these are pretty. Hmmmm, another pattern to buy and try. :)

  4. Hi Debby! I really like that diamond shape in between the hexies. I'm with Burnie above in that I'm not a fan of hexies and haven't jumped on the bandwagon, but I do enjoy this pattern. Also, it wins lots of points in my book with no y-seams. Happy Tuesday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Hi, Debby! I like the looks of the twisted hexies, especially the movement that comes with alternating the fabrics on the perimeters. I "inherited" some large-print fabric that would be perfect to fussy-cut for the center. Between triangles and the trapezoid from the Batik Braids (2012) I should have all the templates I need for any size of hex. I'm counting the days until the Cleveland Expo classes are listed. I hope hubby's new knee is working well. Meds, PT, ice, & elevation (in no particular order)! Thanks for the continued inspirations. (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com).


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