Orphan Blocks to Quilts, Day 4

Here are a few more orphan blocks that shine in all their glory, center stage in fact. I've shared these before (and you can read more about them by clicking the links under the photos).

This was a 30 year old block that I used the Windham "Fantasy" collection to complete. Isn't this lovely?

Vintage Flower block surrounded by 2" strips

And then Fantasy decided they wanted to adopt another block. OK. I can do that, I said. This also was a vintage block that waited around for years.

First adoption - read about it here

And just one more. I made this appliqué elephant block several years ago. Nothing happened with it. Finally, he roared out and insisted that I put it into a quilt. What else could I do?

Minton Elephant: 44" x 47"

Now, I hope I've inspired you to dig around in your orphan block pile and consider this very easy way to make them into simple quilts. I found a few others and one in particular has finally run out of her patience. She has been an orphan for 30+ years and insisted I find some fabrics to wrap around her. I promised I would.

Yes, she has a slight imperfection. Can you see that "6A" in the lower right side? Some kid in her class took a permanent marker and wrote on her leg! I've got a few ideas on how to cover that. I'll keep you posted! 


  1. I'm doing one right now taking block swap blocks and putting them to use - years ago collected. Are you going to put a bee on that spot?

    1. Angie. Aren't you clever about the bee?!! I would not have thought of that and it is a perfect idea - thank you. I can hear her calling me from the box up in my closet. Now to gather some lovely floral fabrics. And please - send me an email showing me what you do with the swap blocks you have - I can post it here!


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