Wooly Wooly

I have played with wool in my quilting from time to time. The other day I stopped by our friend Todd's tailor shop to pick up wool sample books that they no longer need. Better to live with me than to be thrown in the trash can, right?

One of a dozen sample books from Todd's shop

Todd's sample books are wool, wool and cashmere, wool and cotton, etc. His suits sell for several thousand dollars, so you know this is the best Italian and Australian wool!

I made a sweet little quilt about 25 years ago using hearts on the wools . . .

Hearts on Wool

And I was experimenting with cotton prints and wool samples here. Have no idea where this went or if I just gave the blocks away. At least 20 years ago!

Wool zigzag blocks

I gave some samples to my dear friend Jan and she turned them into this gorgeous quilt!

Wool quilt by Jan Jolly

Does this give you any ideas? Do you have a tailor shop nearby that you can beg some sample books from? Remember, they typically toss those books unless someone like you has already stepped in to salvage them.

Now I'll spend some time removing the samples from the books. I already have a friend who wants some. The others will be fun to stitch with in my local library Maker's Space sewing classes.