Ever wonder how Winding Ways blocks were EVER imagined? Visit my Winding Ways page to see several renditions of this block with quilts and a step by step process on how these are created. Very fascinating, indeed!

Winding Ways Tutorial
Take a large scale print. Cut it into 8 exact repeats. Cut it into 8 triangles and see what you get? This is NOT the Bethany Reynold's Stack 'n Whack. I learned this in 2001 from a fellow guild member named Kaye. I bet you can't make just one group!

Spinning Pinwheels Tutorial

How about an easy way to Attic Window? This uses my Magical Mitering Method.
Magical Mitering
Yes, you can miter both blocks and borders without having to wrestle an alligator. Very unorthodox and it works! Visit the Benartex Blog where I show step by step pictures on how to achieve beautiful miters. This appeared in May 2013.

See all the steps to making this Royal Star block and get the FREE PATTERN for the 16 block quilt
Stop rolling your eyes! This is very easy when you follow my simple steps. I show you up close how to cut and pin for an awesome, smooth curve. This was featured on another Technique Tuesday at the Benartex Blog, Sew in Love with Fabric.

Accurately piecing with CURVES AND CIRCLES

Steps to Paper Piecing for accurate and sharp points
This appeared at the Quilter's Newsletter Blog in March 2013 as an interview with me for the roll out of my new book, Paper Piecing Perfect Points. A lot of pictures to help you get over your fear.

Here is the original quilt . . .
Green Spinning Waterwheels from Paper Piecing Perfect Points
And the new one using the reds, black and whites . . .
Spinning Waterwheels using the Tanglewood Collection by Blank Fabrics
How about setting blocks on the diagonal? Does the math scare you or confuse you? Here is a step by step tutorial with lots of pictures and a downloadable pdf to work with just about any size block - and even a formula for figuring out an odd size! This was another Technique Tuesday at the Benartex Blog, Sew in Love with Fabric.

Setting Blocks on the Diagonal
Rocking Out in the Hen House
This was another Technique Tuesday for Benartex Fabrics. This collection is so fantastic! I actually made two runners, but the one featured here uses my special technique for tilting blocks or panels and involves NO WASTE and NO BIAS EDGES as in other techniques.

Here is the other runner I made for a special friend of my daughter's who let us stay in her house when we were visiting from out of town. The blog post is FILLED with so many step by step pictures. Don't you just love these chickens?
Chicken Ring
From chickens to kitties, what do you think?

KNITTY KITTY DOES CROCHET - fun storage for you yarnies
Knitty Kitty Fabrics for fun
Knitty Kitty Does Crochet is a fun post that shows some quick things to make with this kitty fabric.

How about Twisted Hexagons? A fun technique that only looks hard: no set in seams, no funky math. See the full post to get a gorgeous table runner with directions.

Twisted Hexagon Block

Check back often for new tutorials, all with pictures.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. When craftsy hid our 2018 teaparty blocks, tbey lost my October pattern and now I cannot retrieve it. I have all the others and this was to be my summer pronect as I live in AZ and it is too hot outside. Are you able to email it to me? I did have it in my acct before this happened. Tha k you.

    1. Dear Unknown. I don't know your email or your name. Please do send me an email and I will get this block to you.

  2. You can email Debby at kratovil@his.com and ask her.


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