Another Fabulous Yarn Find!

I now hunt for yarn at thrift shops, Goodwill, Unique here in Fairfax, etc. I especially love to find little packs in ziplock bags and the green Moda Dea Vixen above was bundled with an exotic Di.Vé Makura purple yarn with little poms. I used my double crochet hook and crocheted until there was nothing left. Then I went to Ravelry and hit the jackpot! A lady was selling 10 skeins of Moda Dea for $1 a piece and she works just 8 miles from me! Divine providence, I would say. (Not sure if God knits or crochets?)

Met Kelli yesterday and we swapped my $10 for her goodie bag. These are the colors I now have:
Moda Dea Fuchsia

Moda Dea Red

Moda Dea Purple
These are my HAPPY colors! This is just like how I feel with my fabric - it's the bright, happy colors that give me great pleasure when I sew. The same is with yarns. Now why did I buy those muted grays and mauves in January? Could it have been the weather?
di.vé Starship Yarn
The yarn above is about $8 a skein (and I paid $.50 for my purple skein at the thrift shop). I am looking for some of this in any colors that will go with my 10 skeins above. The hunt is on!