Sewing with Beautiful Fabric!

I partner with Windham Fabrics to create quilt designs with their gorgeous collections. I received 1/2 yard cuts of the Dylan Collection by Whistler Studios a few days ago and I have allowed myself to sew yesterday and tomorrow, ignoring the suitcases that need to be unpacked, the laundry that needs to be done and other work that's not creative. I have come up with not one but two quilt designs that I'm sharing here (one at a time). Warning! My photography leaves a lot to be desired!
The Dylan Collection by Windham Fabrics (in quilt shops August 2012)
These lush floral prints in a simple color palette of black, blue, taupe and ecru give me a wide range of options. A variety of scale, color, big and small prints allow me to mix and match with a lot of options. OK? So, what is she doing with them, huh? Well, a very easy quilt . . .
8" Square in a Square Block
I am just test driving the fabric and I wanted a very easy quilt that ANYONE could sew both quickly and with confidence. I chose these two blocks so I could showcase the large scale prints. Why bother to use large florals if you're going to chop them up into little pieces?

 It is composed of two blocks, the first being the ubiquitous Square in a Square. I will upload instructions for making both these blocks by the end of the week.
8" Cobblestone Block
OK. So, what do they look like together? I'm so glad you asked!
Cobblestone & Squares Quilt
Can you see the star points in the center, around the middle Cobblestone Block? I am thinking of adding more blocks so it's not a tiny quilt, but I wanted to begin by showing you how two simple blocks can make the best use of a gorgeous print. The centers are cut 6-1/4" (Square in a Square) and 5-1/2" (Cobblestone), so that gives a good bit of space for the print.

You can find a shop near you that carries these fabrics by visiting the Windham site and following the instructions on this page:

Check back TOMORROW for a mirror image of this quilt. I swapped the fabrics to create a different look to these same two blocks. And I'm working on another, totally different quilt center using hexagons. I am hyperventilating with excitement over how beautiful this will be. I'll give you a little hint: it's part of my new series, Three Strips and a Ruler. Have to check back soon, that's all I can say.

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Visit their blog and search for the Dylan Collection (posted 6/25/2012) to see some home dec items to make with these fabrics.